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Focusing is a practice, not a theory

My friend Susana Alvarez from Argentina recently posted a saying that roughly translates to: “Communists until they get rich, lesbians until they get married, atheists until the plane starts to fall…”. 339 more words

The Writer's greatest enemy

You’ve probably heard this before: focusing is the greatest tool a writer can employ while they ply their trade. Unfortunately many of us are bogged down in slow or no-writing mode due to our greatest enemy. 278 more words

Writer Advice

Thank you for the concern

When we go for something new, something we have not yet experienced something bigger than we are used to, from time to time our inner voice starts sending us not the most inspiring and motivating messages: “You’re going to fail”, “You are not good enough”, “You don’t have what it takes”. 216 more words

Personal Growth

The #1 Thing - How to Achieve Mastery

Most people, especially in the technological age, are always confused as to what steps they should be taking, and are immersed in the “time management” bullshit that is thrown out there, in order to achieve mastery. 174 more words

Mental Well Being & Spiritual

"You're No Good"

A voice inside is saying, ” You’re no good.” Pause and take that in. You might notice how you feel when you hear this.

You might feel that it’s true, that you’re no good. 696 more words

Health And Well-being

the only way out is through and the only way through is in

“If we view our bodies as bridges that carry us from our inner life to the outer world, then pain often gives us insight as to where the bridge is experiencing the most stress. 1,574 more words


Existem alguns recursos bastante valiosos que nos auxiliam a aumentar a qualidade de contato conosco mesmos e, assim, a compreendermos melhor as necessidades vivas em nós e sermos capazes de estabelecer auto-empatia, o que é fundamental para que possamos dirigir nossa atenção e empatia também para o mundo externo. 2,880 more words

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