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How to stay focused in the gym

Giving our undivided attention to something can be difficult at times especially with all the surround stimulation we have in this era with noise, information and social medias everywhere. 647 more words


Focusing and De-focusing Thoughts

In the article, Modulating Thoughts, I laid the foundation for this particular topic of focusing and de-focusing thoughts, so you may want to check that out. 338 more words


Modulating Thoughts

This article is an introduction to the concept of modulating thoughts. The exercise of modulating thoughts (or focusing and de-focusing thoughts) is something I’m practicing a lot these days. 469 more words


Paying attention to your schooling

There’s an abundance of seniors in my classes. There are only two classes that I have where there are no seniors or upperclassmen. Those classes are my AP English class and my Honors Math class. 760 more words


A Cycle of Fostering

The system said: Welcome to Fostering. You’ll make great foster parents.

We said: Thank you. We hope we can do well.

The neighbors said: Aren’t you wonderful people. 228 more words

Get Back on the "Write" Track and Find Your Focus

Have you ever sat down to write, looked out your window, and thought, “Damn, I really want to be outside”?

Well, that’s how I feel today. 566 more words

Writing Advice

Color Assignment

So on my first class at the Photography Workshop; I was given a color assignment.

In this assignment; I had to choose one color which would stand out easily in a picture. 232 more words