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Getting Music started - Welcome readers

Hello guys, 

This blog is all about music, very often I am looking for articles, information, reviews, facts, instruments, history and whatever I find interesting on the internet. 212 more words


Thoughts are Important

Thought is a process of using your mind to consider something. Thought can also be a product of that process which may be known as idea. 519 more words

Focusing Through a Cage...

…or, Learn Something New Each Day… or, Did He Teach That in Class? Those are a selection of titles appropriate for this article. I visited a small, local zoo recently, the… 425 more words


Tools of the Trade: Binders and FocusWriter

Before I get started on this post, I would just like to thank you guys for being patient. I know I haven’t posted anything for a while, and I’m not sure if that’s affected you, but if it has, I’m really sorry about that. 498 more words


Perfect Place to Write

I sit down to write. I focus. Or not. Just scribble something. I have an idea. I write it down. I keep going. And then when I look up, I realize I need a break. 732 more words


Getting organized and keeping up with information overload.

With all good intentions a few years ago I set up a pocket account and used it as part of an “Article review” workflow. So that I could keep a somewhat better handle on all the articles I would like to read but didn’t have the time to when I came across them on the internet. 996 more words