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The most important benefits of utilizing a hydroponic fodder system

The most important benefits of utilizing a hydroponic fodder system is the ability to more closely re-create our animal’s natural diets. This is especially true when considering a ruminant animal such as a cow. 339 more words

Fodder Machine

Dryland farmers like Opuntia and other drought-tolerant fodder plants (Google / New Era)

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Production of pear cladode stirs the interests of farmers

WINDHOEK – Namibian Farmers have responded in big numbers to last week’s article in Farmers’ Forum on cactus (prickly) pear cladode production as a good enterprise for farmers in semi-arid and arid parts of South Africa and especially Namibia. 272 more words


Feeding Through Winter Part II: Feeding Fresh Daily

Last week we discussed some of the steps necessary to help you get the most out of your winter feed. From tips on how to analyze and select your feed, to the most economical ways to present the feed to your livestock, part one of our… 276 more words


Fodder Production: Further tips for successful sprouting

Over the course of our sprouting experience, and with the rise in popularity of our true flood-and-drain style approach (installed in various scales over 115+ farms across the US!), we have learned quite a bit not only about how to improve our process, but also how to hone the messaging so that this topic remains approachable by others in an easy to understand manner.  2,175 more words


Using forage germplasm to improve livestock feeds and rural livelihoods: An impact narrative

Feed is often cited as a major constraint to livestock intensification in developing countries. In addressing this constraint through the breeding of more productive forage varieties, scientists’ starting point is the diversity of forage species held in the world’s plant genebanks. 74 more words


Target Clientele?

Extremely Polite Southern Accent Customer Service Girl: “Hello, welcome to “_______.” How can I help you?”

Me: “Yeah, hi. I’m not sure how I got on your mailing list, but I’d like to be removed, please.” 268 more words


Connecting Two Passions

Fall is finally here. It rained Friday and Saturday. If you live where it rains a lot, this may seem like no big thing, but in California . 606 more words