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A Novel Idea

Beta readers rock! If you don’t use them, you are really missing out on a wonderful opportunity to get virgin eyes on your work and help you identify strong and weak spots. 468 more words

Writing Process/WIPs

Politics as observed by a correctional employee from the inside out

This site talks about change how Bennett is a believer in ADC and US the rank & file. Continued mistreatment by our senior management is a norm and condoned, encouraged and epitomized by the leader of this Department. 685 more words


You'd Be Surprised

When getting inspiration for writing. You can find it in the strangest of places. Under rocks or in your refrigerator. I myself find dreams to be the best source of fodder for writing. 29 more words


To be in Clover

You may have heard the expression “to be in clover”, it is a happy, prosperous state to be in and refers to the cattle fattening properties of clover. 368 more words


Come For The Ghosts, Stay for the Pie

My sister sent me a story describing ghostly goings-on down the hill from her house and followed that up with a story that includes a video of ghost hunters… 268 more words


What is Comet thinking?

This is an old picture of a long-eared Egyptian hedgehog–dubbed Comet–I used to own. He died from acute pneumonia at the age of five, but I am very grateful for the time I had with him. 38 more words



While watching a documentary about Neanderthals, they showed a Cro Magnon carving of a horse and strangely, the word “rehu”  or “hrehu” popped into my mind. 91 more words