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What makes a FodderPro 2.0 Feed System?

Ready or not, winter is on its way. This time of year is often one of the most stressful for farmers all across the country, but it can be particularly tough for those located in the northern United States. 947 more words


How do I pass dynamic number of lists to a varargs method?

I’m trying to write a reusable method for unit tests to be able to mock the behaviour for a certain class which returns a List<String> 196 more words



Compasses are fascinating things, with much to teach for being an inanimate object. I’m speaking of course, of an analog piece,  little changed for centuries, not the app on your phone. 210 more words


Fodder Machine – A Feasible option for feeding livestock

Hydroponics is a way of growing plants without soil. Only moisture and nutrients are provided to the growing plants. There are many advantages to hydroponics. Hydroponic growing systems produce a greater yield over a shorter period of time in a smaller area than traditionally-grown crops. 258 more words

Fodder Machine

We Don't Want Your Opinion!

I try to stay connected ( cough, cough..) to this town I call home, I’m a Senior member on the towns main forum, I’m a member to a few town Face Book pages for example: “For Free” or the page” Garage Sale”.  228 more words


To those of you who are here by accident:

Some of you are here intentionally, I know this because I have access to the site stats and you found us using search terms like “ 434 more words


Re-enactors: A source for feature ideas

Regardless of your location, a historic re-enactment is near you and ripe for a feature story.

Monitor the press and find one that is coming to your area. 106 more words