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A Little Nostalgic

I was organizing my rabbitry photos tonight and came across this one of Lola and some of her kits eating fodder. There are days when I still miss Lola, even if she was skittish as all get out and difficult to handle. 400 more words


Friday, 12th December 2014

I click on the OED’s ‘Lost for Words?’ “random” word generator and the first two that come up are,


Pakistan media report on ILRI four-day training on Feed Assessment Tool (FEAST)

Pakistan’s Daily Times and Technology Times Online recently reported on a livestock feeds training held in Islamabad on 6-9 November 2014.

According to the Technology Times Online… 420 more words


Assessing the uptake and disease impact of Napier grass in Kenya

Napier grass is one of the most important fodder crops given its attributes which include ease of management, wide ecological range and high productivity. In Kenya, Napier grass contributes about 40% of the total fodder given to livestock, which highlights its importance in livestock production in the country. 247 more words


The most important benefits of utilizing a hydroponic fodder system

The most important benefits of utilizing a hydroponic fodder system is the ability to more closely re-create our animal’s natural diets. This is especially true when considering a ruminant animal such as a cow. 339 more words

Fodder Machine

Dryland farmers like Opuntia and other drought-tolerant fodder plants (Google / New Era)

Read at : Google Alerts – Opuntia ficus-indica


Production of pear cladode stirs the interests of farmers

WINDHOEK – Namibian Farmers have responded in big numbers to last week’s article in Farmers’ Forum on cactus (prickly) pear cladode production as a good enterprise for farmers in semi-arid and arid parts of South Africa and especially Namibia. 272 more words


Feeding Through Winter Part II: Feeding Fresh Daily

Last week we discussed some of the steps necessary to help you get the most out of your winter feed. From tips on how to analyze and select your feed, to the most economical ways to present the feed to your livestock, part one of our… 276 more words