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Heels of the foe.

“Do not be at the heels of your foe; but at the side.”~proverb from ‘Roar’.


Campaign updates & not so Scarce Footmen


Syngenta’s attempt to undermine the EU pesticides ban has caused public uproar in the past few days. When the pesticide company applied to the Government for the go-ahead to use banned chemicals on UK crops, a number of organisations stepped in and called upon the public to help.  419 more words

Executive Secretary

Ramblings of a rose colored fool

Hi guys

What do i say ???? sitting here at my lap top for once i am an a complete loss of what to blog about, so much has transpired, i have made many a mental note about incidents to blog about , some funny … like my battle with the potty and my almost 3 year old son… then there was the fathers day drama when i rushed my protesting hubby to the hospital at 3am because i thought he was having a heart attack…but it was a muscle pain … you see its drama non stop here in my household. 783 more words

Two-Sentence Story: Horror

This week’s Two-Sentence Story was submitted by Sharon Spencer.

Blindfolded and tied to a chair, the sound of footsteps coming towards her sent tremors through her whole body. 10 more words


“ Searching ” ~ for an alter ego ~

Searching ever so

For an alter ego,

As one not long ago

Feigned to have been

Was found to be foe,

A possible doppelgänger

Whose ruse made find… 32 more words

My Poetry


Oh the sadness I feel right now and not for myself but for that of one I thought would be the last person who would steal from me. 194 more words

Toenails: Friend or Foe?

No one writes about toenails. Except me.

Toenails live down there somewhere, oblivious to the world above them. For some unknown reason they exist, often to give us distraction or pain because they grow. 471 more words