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Foggia 6-2 Juve Stabia


This is game ten undefeated following the rout at Catanzaro.  And only one wasn’t a victory – a highly improbable 0-0 draw at home to Ischia, who are propping up the entire league. 214 more words

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Catanzaro 4-1 Foggia

I sure like to focus on the negative.  But I’m learning much more from the defeats than the victories.

This is the 6th game since Lecce (four wins and a draw before this) and we’re playing better.   188 more words

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Lecce 2-1 Foggia

This is the 5th game since Juve Stabia took us down.  We scraped a 1-0 win in the next game and followed it up with three 1-1 draws. 181 more words

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Juve Stabia 3-2 Foggia

In each of the next five posts, I’m going to highlight one of the five matches that shaped the season, with a little context thrown in for good measure.   203 more words

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I’m playing catch-up with myself.  It wasn’t until mid-March season one that I decided to write about the game, so I’ll do a quick pre-season lowdown, before breaking season one down into manageable chunks. 200 more words

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Football Manager 15

It’s been a while.

The Celano experience died with a crappy laptop, and I didn’t have the heart to start again.  Football Manager 14 occupied the usual amount of my time, but I never attempted to build a small club up from nothing, and with the exception of an entertaining, yet preposterously easy Newcastle United save, no game captured my imagination. 93 more words

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Merry Christmas

Merry crisi a tutti voi che anche a Natale sarete fallaci: chi festeggia in solitudine, chi ha avuto lutti, chi vomita per il troppo cibo ingurgitato o per il troppo alcol consumato, per chi è andato fuori a studiare benché sapendo poco fare, a chi non lavora o a chi perde danaro nel lusso. 37 more words