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The Cello And The Horse

So this was a funny picture I took today at Foggy Bottom. 

This guy in a shirt and tie is playing this awesome looking cello… 73 more words


A Foggy Morning at


Foggy Bottom, Washington, DC.


A Facebook friend in NYC posted a note her sister (in Japan) has succumbed to a long illness.  Feel saying ‘I’m sorry to hear that’ is so 物足らない.  41 more words

Tweet of the Day: Commemorating the White House Burning, Sorry!

– Domani Spero
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First the good news!  The British diplomats in D.C. enjoy a smokin’ good barbecue.  Apparently, they had a  a ‘White House BBQ’ to… 248 more words


Bressingham gardens

This is a family holiday post with a few images from Bressingham gardens in Norfolk from our visit in April whilst on holiday in Suffolk. 133 more words


My Week In Photos (July 14th- July 20th)

I have put sprigs of mint because I read somewhere that dispels ants. Plus, some people told me so.
In the advent of an all-encompassing “Ant Raid” on my tiny apartment here in San Francisco, California, I’ve placed sprigs of fresh mint at every entry point…Needless to say, it smells pretty “fresh” here! 280 more words

K&B Get Down in D.C. - Land of the Free and Home of the Thirsty

We should have taken the sudden downpour that began at 10 pm as an omen. But, having been separated from each other for nearly three months now, we were determined to have one night out together again, and I was excited to experience DC nightlife for the first time. 969 more words

Founding Farmers

Before I came to DC, I thought I was way ahead of the curve by knowing this place existed and harbouring dreams of eating there. Turns out that once I got here, any time I even started to mention “this place I heard of that’s sposed to be AMAZE–” I was immediately interrupted with “omg Founding Farmers?! 773 more words