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Server 2012 NTFS File and Folder Permissions

NTFS (New Technology File System) permissions can be applied to files, folders and drives formatted with NTFS file system. NTFS permissions are same since the release of Windows Server 2000. 16 more words

Setup Shared Folder in Windows Server 2012

Microsoft have made lot of improvements in Server 2012. One of the major changes is Server Manager. Server Manager is now linked with almost all the server roles. 18 more words

¿Como veo el espacio que ocupa un folder en Linux?

Para saber el espacio que ocupa un folder en Linux, utilizamos el comando du.

Ej. du -sh /var/www/html

El parámetro s es para que muestre la información de manera reducida, de lo contrario se listaran todos los folders y su uso, y el parámetro h es para que se muestre la información en GB.


What's in your Pocket?

As I peruse my Twitter feed, RSS reader, the Internet and other sites I read daily, there are often  many times when I think, “Oh, I’d really like to read this article but I don’t have time right now.” After thinking that… 157 more words


Configure Shadow Copy of Shared Folder in Server 2012

Shadow copy feature in Server 2012 is used to restore previous versions of files and folders. Shadow copy backup feature is must faster than traditional backup solution. 19 more words

Folder Tipografia

Folder sobre tipografia desenvolvido na matéria Fundamentos de Gráfica, no segundo semestre de Design da ESPM


Folder Lina Bo Bardi

Folder sobre a vida da arquiteta Lina Bo Bardi desenvolvido na disciplina História do Design, no segundo semestre do curso de Design da ESPM