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Redlof 62

You don’t get something for nothing

Portishead, It Could Be Sweet 

I got something for nothing. I was going to call her Red Rum to complement the…

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Dahon "Boardwalk" Folding Bicycles + Carry Bags

Dahon DLT (Dahon Licensed Technology) Boardwalk 1 Folding Bicycles


Model # (92-9-01)

New Retail: $299.00 + $89 for carry bag

These both are GENTLY USED, in like new condition. 204 more words

Boating Accessories

This? That? Which?

Hello people!

So what’s up with that absurd title? Hahahaha! Today I’ll be sharing my experience with foldable bicycles (a.k.a folding bicycles or foldies), for the past two weeks I was in the midst of my Prelims so the hours that I would be taking the public transport to school was during the off-peak hours and it was a great opportunity to test these foldies out! 1,157 more words


Nutcase Helmet

I love my brain!

I am a real believer of a no helmet no ride policy. It is for our own safety that we must wear a durable helmet EVERY single time.

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The Brompton Fold

This is what I love best with my Brompton. The fold is amazingly compact and beautiful. Those are the three stages of how Blake folds. The first one is its park mode since Bs do not come with stands/kickstands. 64 more words



Nothing more to say, I really love their logo. MINIMALISTIC



Here are the pictures of Blake with his other accessories. The Bromfoot 2 was added to widen the pedal. As you can see, there is a leather cover on his frame as well as on the other parts of Blake. 24 more words