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It's Bobbie's World: Death At Such A Young Age

I heard of a guy who committed suicide recently. I went to high school with him, and we had a few classes together. From what I recall, he was a great guy. 329 more words


Corey's Diary April 16th, 2014: I Am Succumbing To Childhood Fears?

Dear Diary,

Today is a big day and everyone is excited.

It is the 2nd Annual CBS Field Day.

This is my first time participating, however. 133 more words


Do You Agree Scotty McCreery Is The Face Of Country Music

Scotty McCreery beat out 31 other Country music artists and won hottest male in country music.

Can you believe that because we can’t! It came down to Luke Bryan or Scotty… and Scotty took 1st place with 56% of the vote.

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Yes Or No: Corey's New Nose Ring

Corey asked Intern Bobbie if she should replace the stud in her nose with a hoop.

Bobbie likes to remind Corey that she’s too old do some of these things now, and Corey doesn’t care. 25 more words


It's Bobbie's World: That Was An Easy Grand

We did it up REAL BIG Friday night!

Unfortunately, I’m in a boat with the majority… I’m always broke. I constantly look for ways to make easy money. 361 more words


Six Most Awful Types Of Kisses

Greg came across a story that named the worst kisses of all time.

Check out Yahoo for the description of each kiss, just in case you’re doing it wrong! 82 more words