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The madstone treatment for rabies was once popular in many parts of the United States and is still well known in the Ozarks. The madstones I have seen are porous and resemble some sort of volcanic ash, but the natives all claim that they were taken from the entrails of deer. 577 more words

Folk Magic

Tying off Chills

“Here is another way to cure chills : take a piece of silk thread, tie a knot for each chill that the patient has had, and bury the string under the drip from the roof of a barn. 191 more words

Folk Magic

Monthly Vigil ~ July

There’s another opportunity for remote healing coming up on Saturday the 26th. This is my 4th Saturday Vigil session intended for more serious needs. I can only take 7 requests as these tend to take much more time and energy. 32 more words

Folk Magic

Finnish Origin of the Elk

Where was the elk born-the son of Rock reared ?

There was the elk born-the son of Rock reared

On the surface of a windy marsh, 41 more words

Folk Magic

Types of Magick

Defining types of magic is just as complicated as defining magic itself. In common usage, magic evokes some sort of change in the physical world through non-scientific means. 508 more words

Types Of Magick