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Papa Legba




Eshu (though Ellegua, Legba, and Eshu are  derived from the same deity but function in extremely different, those still related, ways) 579 more words


Charms Under a Waxing Moon

The Samhain season, for better or worse, seems to be early this year. We’re still weeks away from the three-day celebration of the New Year, the third Harvest and the Dead–but this pulling Moon looms over us tonight. 96 more words

Old Gods of the Ozarks: The Snawfus

“The snawfus, according to some backwoods folk, is just an albino deer with certain supernatural powers, puzzling to human beings but not dangerous. Some hillmen say that it can make tremendous leaps into the treetops; others endow it with great feathery wings, claiming that it can ‘fly through the timber, quiet as a hoot-owl.’ I have even heard that the snawfus bore flowering boughs instead of antlers. 85 more words

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Review: The Magical Power of the Saints: Evocation and Candle magic

The book The Magical Power of the Saints: Evocation and Candle books was an interesting read. It was just what it states its about. The book focuses on Saints and candle magic and nothing else. 914 more words

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