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v. ritual treatment of passing children through smoke by a curandero; see desahumar

Word Of The Week

Echinacea tincture for cold and flu season

Rosemary Gladstar is an excellent resource for all things herbal.

Just this past weekend, Mr. LaVeaux and I purchased a packet of echinacea purpurea herb so we could make a tincture.   87 more words


Image of the Week: Thuja seed

This week we bring you a wrinkly, dull coloured seed. Whilst we certainly have some more stunning images in the collection, it’s the story behind this plant that makes it worth seeing. 265 more words

Wellcome Images

Respect Your Elders

Of all trees few can be held in as much contempt as our native elder, Sambucus nigra.  It grows almost anywhere and in such profusion that it is dismissed as a ‘weed’ and it is true that its habit of self-sowing and growing through treasured garden plants can be a nuisance.  503 more words

Wild Flowers


Bread and Butter Days
by Trisha Faye


My favorite source for stories from the “good ‘ole days”, Iona Mae Burk, shared a childhood memory. 726 more words

A History of Vaccination

Existing evidence shows that vaccination treatments go back over a thousand years ago. Considering the recent controversies surrounding vaccination policies and parental rights, it is often good to go backwards to understand a practice as a way to gain insight to the ways in which a society may approach the policies of the practice in the future. 14 more words

The Instant Jamu in Zambo

At the barter centers in Zamboanga City, one can most likely notice the presence of this particular jamu. Jamu is a traditional Indonesian medicinal drink, a herbal concoction of whatnot.  103 more words

Zamboanga Peninsula