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the immortals

Ivan and Becky came over / and Mom made us masks / and then set up a tent / we climbed inside and sat there / looking around / all cross-legged and bent / Ivan was first to get cranky and cry / and that was all right with me / that left me and Becky alone / on a riverbank / underneath a tree / we saw buffalo outside the door / and a blanket of smoke in the sky / later that day as we were passing the peace pipe / we felt like we were never gonna die.


Pete Seeger - Which Side are You On? - Lyrics boiling with political fury.

Well Pete was blacklisted. He was chased by McCarthy. He was a communist. He was an Environmentalist. He was a Trade Unionist. He was an activist. 252 more words


Malvina Reynolds - Little Boxes - barbed observation couched in pretty music from an old lady.

Malvina Reynolds was a feisty old lady who wrote brilliant astute and perceptive songs. I love her.

Little Boxes was covered by Pete Seeger and on the face of it is a nice little sing-a-long which could feature on the radio without a mention. 278 more words


Ivory Ibis (live)

This is a live track done during the Peace, Love and Affirmative Action sessions. I wrote this song in Guatemala, It’s kind of about nature telling you to open your eyes and realize you are a part of it. 10 more words


Grand Lake Islands - Monterey

We’ve posted about the thoughtful, melancholic indie-folk of Portland, Oregon’s Grand Lake Islands a couple of times in the past twelve months, and Monterey is the latest single from new album… 27 more words



You can’t catch me because I always change / and there are a range of possibilities where I might land / where I end up is not always the place that I planned / one change my lead to an entirely different point of view / and where there used to be one / sometimes there are two / no one can catch me / so I don’t expect you to do any better / one of me is hanging up the phone / while the other one is writing you this letter.




Smooth, easy listening Islamic-African folk is a joy to ones ears. You will be swiftly carried along, song after song, and arrive at the end of the album before you know it. 8 more words