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Digested (July 22)

I found myself invested in only a few full albums this week. There were several albums with sprinkles of good tracks, but not many I stuck with from start to finish. 168 more words


Zaynura Pulodova - Daf Bizanem

Zaynura is an interesting popstar – instead of emulating the west, she likes to use a very traditional Tajik aesthetic, combined with folk-influenced beats. For this video she’s continuing what has made her famous, and delivering a traditionally ethnic image of Tajikistan. 39 more words

Music Videos

K pop or Not!

I have a huge dislike for K-Pop. I love the way they can dance etc but recently I feel like the world is being overloaded with K-Pop and Gangnum Style just ended and shut my mind towards K-Pop completely! 66 more words

Art And Culture

Samira Tawfik (سميرة توفيق) - Asmar Ep (199x)

Phoenicia was an ancient civilization in Canaan which covered most of the western, coastal part of the fertile Crescent. Several major Phoenician cities (Sidon, Tyre, Byblos) 664 more words


Enjoy Your Next Vacation on Christmas Island

An interview with Andrew Jackson Jihad in anticipation of their show at El Corazon with Dogbreath and Hard Girls on July 25th

   For most of the people reading this post, I assume that you know who Andrew Jackson Jihad is. 772 more words

LIVE: Lily & Meg 18/07/2014

at Somersault Festival

by Kitty Macfarlane

Festival gigs differ hugely to intimate evening concerts, and a whole bunch of variables can affect a performance.  There are hordes of people wandering loudly past the tent you’re playing in, squealing infants rolling in the grass at the front, noise spills from other, bigger stages.   717 more words


Country Boy in New Orleans, Snooks Eaglin

Country Boy in New Orleans, Snooks Eaglin 

This album was released by Arhoolie in 1991 but the songs recorded by Harry Oster in 1958. 193 more words