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#atozchallenge - O is for Obayifo, an African Vampire

Infected by evil, it seeks the blood of the innocent.

An Obayifo is a living man or woman possessed by a vampiric spirit. They walk around West African villages by day, looking no different from any other villager. 92 more words


A to Z P is for....PIXIES

Okay. It’s a good thing I have another resource for pixies other than the Internet. The world wide web would have me believe that the little folk who were the first inhabitants of Cromwell, who waged war against the fairies about the time of the Roman conquest, who have red hair, turned up noses, green eyes  and wear green to camouflage themselves in the lush and grassy countryside–are actually an alternative rock band from Boston in 1986. 106 more words

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Wrote a Little Something....

Ok, so maybe I lied, maybe I did write something. But it’s not a continuation of Lone, which I have dead set on doing and finishing if it God damn kills me. 1,266 more words

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A to Z O is for Orion

I chose Orion today not only because it’s my favorite constellation, since it’s one of the only ones besides the big dipper that I can spot without much effort, but also because I have a grandson named Orion that I see rarely but love dearly! 247 more words

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Folklore of Yorkshire -Kai Roberts (Book Preview)

The beautiful county of Yorkshire is the largest in Britain, and yet still possesses a strong and cohesive regional identity. Built on centuries of shared tradition, a characteristic body of folklore has thrived and endured well into the present day.

161 more words


“don’t know whether to scratch my watch or wind my behind…” – An expression of confusion in the South.

This may be a Monarch but I am not sure. 17 more words



He sat alone having a beer at the café by the crossroads. He had finally decided to go ahead with it. He was there to make a deal with the devil, selling his soul to be rich, so she could be happy and fall in love with him. 9 more words