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#atozchallenge - Q is for Qiqirin, prowling the North

He prowls the North, spreading madness.

The Qiqirin spirit hardly seems worthy of attention at first. Skittish and seemingly foolish, this mostly bald dog spirit seems harmless enough.  94 more words


Mean Ol' Fred

a mile up ahead jes’ aroun’ the bend, there’s a tombstone marker next to an old wood shed a half mile off the road. The folk say it don’t mean nuthin’, there’s never been anyone stirred there soul anywhere near there since what happened to big ol’ fred, but i gotta wonder, just what would leave it’s woe on a man as mean as Fred. 83 more words


The Goatman

Everyone loves a good satyr.

And it sounds like the satyrs have migrated to Maryland.

The Goatman of Beltsville is a legend regarding a very large (300 pounds, roughly, and 7 feet tall) monster with the lower body of a goat and the upper body of a man. 162 more words


Castles and spooks on Irish hills

Irish castles and their ghosts (above video).

When I wrote the first book in The Honorable Gentlemen series, The Spinster and the Earl, the setting, I decided,I had to match the tempestuous romance between an impoverished, ex-army hero with a saber scar, the Earl of Drennan, and  his  next-door neighbor, the hot tempered, Lady Beatrice O’Brien, a self-made, Irish heiress. 196 more words

Anita Mechler: Folklore

Just the other day my dad reminded me of one of my favorite childhood folklore tales. It got me thinking about the true definition of “lore”, a story with a lesson. 994 more words

Anita Mechler

At the Crossroads of Fairy Tale and Folklore

According to my outdated (read: paper copy!) Webster’s Dictionary the definition of fairy tale is a story about fairies, magic deeds, etc., while folklore is defined as the traditional beliefs, legends, etc. 395 more words

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