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Question...Booger Dog 2

Sure thing, the boogers are supernatural creatures found in ghost stories and folktales of the Ozarks and Appalachian Mountains. The word “booger” is related to “boogie/boogey” as in the “boogie-man” which has pan-European roots. 354 more words

Folk Magic

An alphabetic Cinderella

The Eskayan word for ‘alphabet’ is abadiha, generally spelled ‘abadeja’ following Hispanic orthographic rules. I analyse this  as a compound of four syllables ‘a’, ‘ba’, ‘di’ and ‘ha’. 410 more words

Collection Fishing

Two New 50/90 Songs

Here’s the first one…

There’s a lot of weirdness going on here.

First, King’s X has a song on their Dogman album called “Go to Hell”. 385 more words


#1 A most mischievous and unsociable Cornish sprite...

A sneak peek at some of the denizens of fairyland you’ll meet in The Element Encyclopedia of Fairies…

#1 Pisky

(Also piskey, piskie.) The Cornish breed of… 360 more words

Hollósdomb (Ravenmound) Well.

I’ll start with a short account of religion, but please bear with me; I’m far from being an expert. With the founding of the Kingdom of Hungary in 1000 AD, Christianity was embraced as the religion of the state, but there was something else too; what Hungarians brought with them: shamanism, animism, and totemism. 298 more words


The Missing Pages

An official meeting of the society happened on the 20th of October of 1942. It was held at 9.30 am in the Stephen’s Green Cafe. The following members were present; 195 more words

The Land of Lumberjacks

I would venture a guess that most Minnesotans have a photo in their collection that looks like this:

Paul Bunyan and Babe his blue ox… 467 more words