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Searching for Secret Things

I wrote in my diary when I was young that I wished to pierce the surface of the world. I want to probe the furthest corners of my life; unearth the most mystical and aching impulses from which my thoughts stem; weave from my life a symphony of voices that are not my own. 543 more words

Contemporary Indian Art: "Love Beyond Measure" by Arpana Caur

Though Caur is herself a practicing Sikh, her work is not confined by sectarian identity; indeed, her work (like the writings of the Gurus) incorporates Hindu, Buddhist, Sufi and Jain motifs. 103 more words

Art Exhibitions

Asymmetric Creativity: Righting World Building Gone Wrong

I have an ongoing wrestling match with world building in speculative fiction. I revel in new writers producing ideas that challenge conventional story frameworks or characters. 898 more words

Asymmetric Creativity

The Mussel and the Bittern

Once, upon the rocky coast, a mussel was basking in the warm sunshine when a bittern came along, and plunging its beak inside, attempted to eat the mussel’s soft flesh. 121 more words


How the Frog-Mother Burst with Pride!

Once, in the Long Ago Times, a simple family of frogs were disporting themselves in a muddy creek when a giant ox came blundering along. … 303 more words


Handsome Yeva: A reconstruction of the Proto-indo-european myth #9

— Yeva,  — one day said Saena the Wolf,  — I have to show you something. Follow me.

They came into a Grotto which walls were all covered by the ivy. 992 more words