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A to Z W is for Waterhorse.

I’m a little late with today’s post but I have something exciting planned for tomorrow so hopefully that will make up for my tardiness.

It lives in rivers and deep waters  and has been thought to be the Loch Ness Monster. 297 more words

A To Z

Lug; Not Big and Dumb

This pan-Celtic god of the Tuatha de Danaan is known as Lugus, in Ireland (and most famously) as Lug, and possibly in Britain as Llew Llaw Gyffes. 553 more words

Celtic Myth

British Folklore: Legends of the Black Dog

The British Isles are rich in history and tradition and there are many strange and wonderful legends gathered from folklore whose origins are lost in the mists of time.  1,333 more words


The Other-Worldly Paintings of Leah Fraser

Enter another world, a dream world, with the paintings of Sydney-based artist Leah Fraser.

‘This body of work is about the power and influence of water and the stars and the moon,” 118 more words


Changelings, The Darker Side of Irish Fairy Lore

Come away, O human child!

To the waters and the wild

With a faery, hand in hand,

For the world’s more full of weeping than you can understand. 108 more words


Cinderella and her Stepmother: A "Tale as Old as Time"


Sorry Beauty and the Beast, but I couldn’t resist that joke in the title.

With all the smash-hits that Disney has been putting out lately ( 520 more words

A Bluegrass Shire

“The closest I have ever gotten to the secret and inner Tolkien was in a casual conversation on a snowy day in Shelbyville, Kentucky. I forget how in the world we came to talk of Tolkien at all, but I began plying questions as soon as I knew that I was talking to a man who had been at Oxford as a classmate of Ronald Tolkien’s. 703 more words