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Sleeping around

One of the folks in the Indian Myths was supposed to have had 18,000 women. If he was active for 70 years, that would work out to 5 women a week.


Good Evening to you folks out there! My name is Joshua and I am going to be your resident host for A BlogĀ  A Day. Here is a little bit about me to get you started. 134 more words


As the ascending smoke loses identity,
As the dusk creeps solemnly,
Into the lap of embodying darkness..
As the shade of weariness mingles
With gleam of mundane hope, 103 more words

I Disappeared

Hey folks, So I fell off the wagon. I haven t been on in a while and I regret that. My alcohol consumption has gone over the fuckin top. 74 more words

Mobile Homes: 'Camper Kart' Still Has Folks Dreaming of a Shopping Cart Home

Friday, January 2, 2015, by Jenny Xie

Photo by Kevin Cyr via PSFK
Over the years, the oddball idea of plopping tiny dwellings atop tricycles has been explored time and time again, often as earnest attempts at inhabitable architecture, other times as commentary on social injustice….