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IVF #3 Stim Day 9 - The 411

This morning, I had a monitoring appointment and am delighted to say that I have 12 measurable follicles and a few more small ones developing.  My E2 levels have come up to almost 500, which I am really happy about.  119 more words


Egg retrieval #2

What a morning. I had to wake up at 4:45 in order to be scrubbed clean and at the hospital by 6:30. The morning went without a hitch, and there was even a lack of traffic on the roads so we got here nearly half an hour early. 1,048 more words

Diez Huevos ! - The 411

YAY !  This morning I had a monitoring appointment and I currently have 5 follicles on each side and more little ones developing.  My follicles are small and the nurse thinks they should be mature (18-25mm) early next week.  162 more words


the trigger shot and IUI's

On my 4th round of Clomid my doctor suggested I take a trigger shot called Choragon. Apparently follicles don’t always release an egg, so the injection ensures that it does. 365 more words


Ultrasound #2 for IVF #2

Just got back from my second ultrasound. Wow, I have so much to update on. Let me start from this morning- well, last night.

I had an… 881 more words

Dealing with the unexpected

Everything was going great with my IVF journey this time. It seemed so much easier this cycle. Maybe it’s because it’s my third attempt and I’m often called an “IVF pro” or maybe it’s because I’m highly knowledgeable on how the IVF process works. 1,031 more words

A One-Letter Blond

Oct. 10, 2014

By Medical Discovery News

Out of the 3 billion letters contained in the human genetic code, all it takes to be born a blond is a single change in a certain place from an A to a G. 486 more words