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And we have follicles!

So my scan on Tuesday showed that I am developing not one, but two follicles. This is really positive but does not guarantee that we will conceive. 309 more words


And…We’re a go!

I had my follow up follicle scan this afternoon, and I hadn’t ovulated yet! Woo! My lining was 7.3, which she said was great. The two follicles on the right had pretty much stopped growing(they were like a 13.5 & and 12) while my two on my left had taken off! 23 more words


Follow up follicle scan

I have a follow up follicle scan this afternoon. I’m still opking today and if they go positive I’m supposed to call and let them know. 56 more words


Cycle 23 follicle scan

I had mg follicle scan this morning.

Right: 14.5, 14.5.

Left: 17.5, 18.

Lining: 5.6mm :(

She is hoping one of the smaller ones will drop off, but sounded like we will proceed with iui. 112 more words


IUI #4

Hello mamas and future mamas! Thanks to everyone who’s sent me love and kind words while I grieved the loss of my sister. While it’s been incredibly hard (fuck March, man!) April has been amazing! 245 more words


CD3 Here we go again

So I received a clean bill of health yesterday which means me are good to go with the injectables. No cysts! I really needed that good news yesterday! 123 more words

We know how many eggs were fertilized!

We got home yesterday around 10am and of course as I put my purse down to put everyone’s cheesecake in the freezer my phone rings and by time I get to it I’ve already missed it and OF COURSE it was from CCRM. 894 more words