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Duck Follicles

I was planning on writing a happy update this morning about this morning’s ultrasound. I was hoping to write about how I love making my wife laugh while she strips off her pants and waits for the tech. 523 more words


How to Coast Like an Expert

So this is the very delayed update to this post from last week. We made our way through traffic Friday morning for the CD9 ultrasound. For reference, the wife was on Femara for 5 days and then did two 75ml injections of Follistim. 708 more words


OI! Bald = Old Right?

So does going bald mean you look old?

Something that bothered me greatly when i first started to notice my baldness creeping in was the idea that i was going to look old. 521 more words


CD5 - Time for Drug Education

While the wife and I won’t make our way to the doctor again until Friday (OK, I don’t do much except sit there and try to remember stuff, she does the hard work), there is a lot going on this week in terms of medications and hope. 563 more words


OI! Balding Sucks!!!!

OI! Baldy,

Before we start the handsome fellow below is me, i am mid twenties and bald. Look at that smile on my face, that’s genuine. 427 more words


OI! So your going bald? Get over it!

Oi Baldy welcome to my blog!

Going Bald can really suck nuts or at least we think it does, being Bald is better than you think… 172 more words


Day 10 (and 13) Performance Review

Well, my ovaries have been subjected to two performance reviews in the last week. To review, I took 100mg of Clomid on days 3-7 this cycle. 410 more words

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