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Chicken Butt

Guess what?  My left ovary DOES exist (insert a giant eye roll here).  Lena was back at the clinic today and I told her of the hiding-ovary-woes (after telling her I missed her!).  114 more words

Baby Brain... Sans Baby

Effect of lower than expected number of oocyte on the IVF results after oocyte-pickup

Gonca S, Gün I, Ovayolu A, Silfeler D, Sofuoğlu K, Ozdamar O,Yilmaz A, Tunali G. Int J Clin Exp Med. 2014 Jul 15;7(7):1853-9.


To investigate whether a lower than expected number of oocyte after ≥14 mm follicle aspiration during OPU has any effect on pregnancy outcomes… 344 more words


You said THREE?!!?!!!!!!

Well, my ultrasound today showed that I have THREE follicles on my RIGHT side. THREE! THREE! THREE! Yes, you read that right — I have THREE! 211 more words

Staying positive with a negative

I haven’t updated for a few days because it has just been crazy and dramatic! As my family who follow me on here know, Brandon (my un-official brother) has just moved into a house of his own so we have been helping him renovate, paint, move etc. 1,138 more words

Hair might get all the credit...

…But follicles is the nerd that does the jock’s homework.


Feel Defeated

I went in for my follow up ultrasound to check my progress and of course had to receive the news that only one follicle is at a measureable length and two other small ones that I guess weren’t even big enough to measure. 333 more words

Cycle 3

When it doesn’t work the second time either–you still try again.

I was sad and frustrated and I needed to decide what was next for us in this process. 227 more words