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Speak Softly and Slowly...

For “amebos”, self assured critics and to the faultless ones who magnify the faults and sins of others! 380 more words


Wicked Wednesday

A pretty accurate description of how my day went:

Here’s to Thursday.


Follies: This Year and Back

-Megan Cole, Reporter

Follies is a Homecoming week tradition that marks the nearing end of the pledge process for Mississippi College’s clubs and tribes. Tribes and clubs have been performing these skits for quite a while, and this year’s 2014 Follies is the 30th production in MC history. 639 more words

The Mississippi Collegian

Gulliver's Travels - Jonathan Swift

The most fantastical travelogue, you’ll ever read!

It’s a narrative about the protagonist, Lemuel Gulliver, traveling to four different lands. I’m sure you all must have read/seen the story of ‘gullible’ and ‘naive’, Gulliver, traveling to uniquely different places,like the land of “six” inch people, called the “Lilliputians”, the giant “Brobdingnagians”etc. 326 more words


On This Day - Drivetime -17 October 1738 – Arthur Rochfort, duellist and the Jealous Wall

In 18th century Ireland if you considered yourself to be a gentleman and you were insulted by someone of similar status you didn’t a) take it lying down b) bring him to court and sue his ass – you challenged him to a duel and tried to shoot or stab him to death. 506 more words

Belvedere House