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Achieving your dream

Achieving your dream is never going to be easy. I know too well how things can happen and life can get in the way. There’s no list of set rules of how to achieve your dream, but there are a few things you can do to help you get there. 701 more words

Success, yes you can!

Becoming successful isn’t given, it has to be earned.


You are good enough

Focus on your own talent

I was perusing my bookcase this week and stumbled across an old motivational booklet, Attitude, Your Internal Compass. It’s one of those hokey “how to realize your potential” books from the ’90s. 457 more words


Today's anthem...

The whole damn world.. can fall a part

You’ll be okay.. follow your heart

You only get what you give

This Is Me

My Life in Bullet Points: Losing My Child

There are a lot of parts to a person’s life that you can begin to tell their story. The most obvious is from the beginning, when they are first separating from their mother’s cunt. 1,625 more words