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Hello again!
So for today’s outfit, I really wanted to put together something that was made up of really basic pieces so that it would be easier to recreate if you wanted to. 86 more words


Do you have a Grid?


VSCOcam has been one of my favorite mobile editing apps for a while. They give your images a little something extra; and for someone who snaps a lot of pictures on her cellphone, that’s just what I was looking for. 97 more words

On Wednesday we wear ......

Hey everyone just me post another outfit post 😜 and since it is Wednesday I thought I should wear pink.

I love my skirt I am wearing it is so easy to style and dress up any outfit. 106 more words


Please Unfollow My Blog

REALLY ? SERIOUSLY ? You wasted both our time by posting a comment on my about page, for that ?

Look I don’t need to know if you unfollowed me, I’m not petty about it, we’re grown ups not kids playing school-yard games. 527 more words

Don Charisma

Who do you read?

Here are some people I read. Who do you read?

Seth Godin. Mostly because he has interesting things to say. And mostly because the way he delivers ideas through his blog is a home run. 68 more words

About Blogging


Hi guys this is my ootd and I just wanted to tell you guys a little bit about my blog. My blog is kinda like a spring/summer project. 61 more words