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Random Update: Bloglovin'

<a href=”http://www.bloglovin.com/blog/12138073/?claim=av996f23ntx”>Follow my blog with Bloglovin</a>

The above statement may well appear as gibberish but, if you click on it, you *should* be able to follow me on Bloglovin! 43 more words

My sisters blog!

If you are looking for another fun blog to follow then you should follow my sisters :) You have probably seen a bunch of posts about her and her family, especially my niece and nephew. 67 more words


Lent - Good Friday: John 21

You’ve been following a guy around for about three years, learning from him, eating with him, travelling with him. You gave up everything to follow him, put yourself in danger for him, saw him perform miracles you could never have imagined, heard him say things which changed lives all around you. 436 more words

Is Your Heart Following Jesus, or Culture?

Lately, I have been more irritated by “Christian culture” than ever before. We literally have terms to define the language that Christians use that only Christians really understand. 971 more words


Hello there! 

This is my second post of the day! It wasn’t too long ago when I first did two posts in one day…

It was January 31st, and the day I started Bakering was January 26th…  155 more words


5. I've Grown Up

Now that I’ve grown up, When I think about the past, and the things that mattered most, and remember when I fell, and thought it was love, imagined I found the one, then ended up broken, thought I’ll never move on, lost hope in the world, thought that it was the ultimate pain, and when I forgot and the scenario repeated itself again, once and twice and God knows how many times, and every time would end up like the first one, when I remember all this now, I just laugh out loud, because I was silly no doubt. 257 more words

Online Writing

Good Morning Coffee!

Good Friday everyone!
Coffee in the morning is almost as essential as checking your phone, taking a shower and getting ready for another hardworking day, the thing is…why does it always taste so different? 191 more words