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Blunt, and pointless

Being alone at the office is great. The quiet allows me to get a lot done and it has given me some time to reflect on the year. 363 more words

Random Thought

First let me say I follow a lot of blogs. I love to read and connect with people of similar interests, so I follow all kinds of blogs. 150 more words


Psalm 18 - Walk this way

What a God! His road stretches straight and smooth. Every GOD-direction is road-tested. Everyone who runs toward him Makes it.

Getting there. Funny how you can know the way like the back of your hand but as you travel a momentary distraction can have you on a different route. 471 more words


1. I purchased followers. Why? To increase my opportunities of gaining new business, and for the sole purpose of over coming the stigma every start-up faces when entering the market place. 870 more words


Estée Lauder - Signature Lipstick - J38 RUBY

Ich habe diesen Lippenstift vor kurzem wieder ausgegraben und ich habe mich wieder total in ihn verliebt! Es ist ein klassischer, knalliger, roter Lippenstift von Estée Lauder. 257 more words


Not that I Expect (but Maybe Hope) to become Famous or Anything...

Okej, jag må ha uttalat mig några gånger att jag hatar reklam. Och visst, ni må kalla mig för en hycklare. Men nu ska jag iallafall göra lite reklam för mig själv. 197 more words


Let Me Know

Let’s agree that I’m falling deeply and I’m still not sure if you’ll catch me. I’m afraid to call what I have for you love when I have no idea about me how you think of. 118 more words