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the one about that thing that happened.

So, we’ve all heard about that thing that happened. With the celebrities. And the nakedness.

I have some thoughts about it all.

Basically, my thoughts are this. 202 more words


by the light of the moon

I know it’s early days.
It’s all so new.
I’ve seen and done a lot of things
but never found anyone like you.
This might last a lifetime. 28 more words


New adventures.

I always wanted to start a blog. I always believed you had to be a talented writer with an expanding vocabulary to have one. But, truth is, you don’t. 22 more words

Everyday Life

More About Me

Heya guys it Willis again and so I thought I would share more about myself as I managed to think of more things about myself after I uploaded my last post :) 183 more words


An Introduction Between Strangers

Hello. You don’t know me, but my name is Brittney. I really don’t like my name, but that is a story for another day. I hope that at some point along with blogging journey you come to know me and perhaps live vicariously through me as I live vicariously through some of history’s most interesting characters as I learn about them. 202 more words



Thank you all so much ^^
I know it seems silly, but this little blog means alot to me, and im glad so many of you have stumbled across it and enjoyed what im posting . 62 more words


Summer should be eternal. 🌸

Summer is honestly my favorite time in the year, I enjoy every aspect of it from the nature to the shopping. I feel like summer is the one time where you aren’t suffocated by a ton of work or pressure. 223 more words