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Today I reached 100 followers.  Thanks for all the follows, people.


All you need is one smile

Today I’m just feeling happy and calm for no certain reason and it feels awesome :D

I want to challenge you to make at least one random person smile today by giving them a complement, helping them or just give someone one smile and spreading the love <3  I bet that  he or she would appreciate it because you can make their day a bit better even if it’s just for a micro second! 49 more words


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When you join a new social network, things can get lonely all by yourself. 194 more words



5 followers! Welcome the the jungle of awesomeness!
I can’t wait to share my garden with you! <3


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Forecast for Followers

1091 Followers right now on WordPress, Facebook and Twitter

weathernutt.com is now up and going strong



Key New locations *


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New Slaves

I can’t stand fashion,
Doing something because a higher power says it’s cool to do,
Wearing something you’re uncomfortable in and you know it doesn’t suit you, 168 more words