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Lovely 60 in France

Not enough I rounded my 60 lovely followed (which I am so truly grateful for) I am leaving for France very soon, to be exact it’s 9 hours, and I am looking much forward to see my lovely friends, and spend a whole 14 days with them. 84 more words

Sixth month-aversary!

Wow, it’s already been half a year! I never thought I’d be able to post (nearly) every day for so long! Thank you to all 90+ of my followers, and my readers for keeping me going and sticking around through all the craziness. 190 more words


Recent social media quiz thingies suggest that I am a mere 47% psychopath, not at all a sociopath, and most like Hades (if I were to be a Disney villain, which is the only way I’d really want admission to the Disney pantheon except as a character on… 393 more words


Hello. How are you? ;)

Hello fellow Artists, lately a lot of creative beings have been following and liking my posts which I deeply appreciate. I read everything, I have a look at your pages too. 187 more words


Is Someone Following Me?!

New Followers !

I admit, I get VERY excited when I get a new follower. I’m new to this “wordpress” thing, but getting a message saying “X is now following your blog” makes me SMILE like it’s my birthday. 219 more words


Echo.. Echo.. Echo..

Not a damn person looks at my blog. Haha.

I can’t decide if I like that or not.

I don’t really want to go unnoticed… But I don’t want to be identified by people that I actually know. 8 more words