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Gunlerden bayramdi,bayramligim yoktu.Babam “Ayakakbilarimi giyinecegim ama sana ayip olur diye giymek istemiyorum” dedi.”Neden”dedim.”Sana bayramlik almadik ben yeni giyinecegim”dedi.Canim babam benim.

Playing puzzles

Sometimes parts are not together. You have to find a totally exact item to fit it. Today I feel missing one part of mine. I never thought I can be jealous. 155 more words


I’m just a girl and you’re a boy/ that’s the way a story starts/ one hold out a flame/ and the other their heart/ maybe a wild blaze will alight/ maybe it’ll fizzle out and die/ but I know I’ll be there to watch it burn… 141 more words


Puisqu'il faut un commencement.

Jeune lyonnais de 20 ans étudiant en mode dès la rentrée.

Faire une réelle présentation serait bien trop long, je vous laisse le plaisir de me découvrir moi, mes looks, mes inspirations et mes coups de coeur à travers ce blog ou mon instagram @redapremier.


Have no expectations, have no disappointment 😌

Something that I’m learning is that the more you expect of someone, the more you get let down and hurt.

No matter how many failed relationships I’ve been in, or how many times I’ve been heartbroken, or how much I try to put my guard up, a part of my heart… 105 more words


I am long blonde hair/ trips to the beach/ I am dancing badly/ and falling over my feet/ I am two drinks gone/ and staying out too late/ I am a believer in The Son/ not in stars or fate… 152 more words


Dance, Love, Sing, and Live.

“You’ve gotta dance like there’s nobody watching, Love like you’ll never be hurt,
Sing like there’s nobody listening,
And live like it’s heaven on earth.”

William W. Purkey