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Under the Covers

In the latest of our series of our most treasured book covers, Robbie Guillory brings you Švejk, the (anti)hero from Czechoslovakia (as was).

The (sadly unfinished) tale of The Good Soldier Švejk (or Schweik or Swejk, depending on your ability to produce accents) is one of the greatest novels of the First World War in in existence.

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Font Experimentations

I decided to try to experiment with the colours on my font. Pretty much from the beginning I wanted to mix black and red on some letters, to make this amazing contrast, which would make them look even bolder that they are. 29 more words


Testing Out My Font

Yesterday at the Steve’s workshop, I did the last corrections of my font, and then spelled the name of the artist, its based on, with it. This is the outcome


Illustrator - Font Making

On the last Illustrator tutorials we were creating fonts. Firstly we had created 5 straight lines and then converted them to the guidelines, so we won’t accidentally move them while the process. 291 more words