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A while back I did some work for Barber Browns, Bedminster store. They requested something as a welcome message/mission statement for customers to read as they are waiting to have their hair done.

I sent this to the typewriter repair man who makes home visits. Collage #922, “Typewriter Ribbon Stripes, 4:1”

I couldn’t resist sending this to my typewriter repair man. He’s a kind and gentle soul.

#922, to Harry, LA
“Typewriter Ribbon Stripes, 4:1”
mixed media collage on chipboard with typewriter ribbon
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Carte Postale

Install TTF Barcode Fonts

I had to install some barcode fonts to be used in Word and Excel for Label printing.

After installing it will look like this.

Some of the fonts are free to download from then net, like (Barcode 39 TTF), others are not. 160 more words


Getting a Little Redneck

Sometimes you have to get a bit redneck, white trash, or whatever you wish to call it, and you know it’s going to be fun. For me, that generally mean something to do with hunting, guns, or cars. 280 more words

Perishable Item

Discover the history behind the world's greatest typefaces with @Typendium

If you’re anything like me you’re captivated by the variance of fonts. Whether they’re classic or cult, elegant or understated, hand drawn or sleek and timeless, I’ve often looked at typefaces and wondered what the story behind them was. 225 more words


Free fonts!

I have an obsession with fonts and typography. There, I said it. I love the way that words look in different fonts and it makes taking notes more interesting if they are not in Times New Romans (no offense Times but you are over-used to the point that it makes me cringe to change the font to you on papers). 97 more words