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Exploring the TrueType Font File Format in JavaScript

The JavaScript program below, when run, will present the user with a file upload button. If the user clicks this button and uploads a valid .ttf (TrueType font) file, the glyphs of that font will be displayed in outline. 2,113 more words

Home Is Where the Heart Is Work

I get the title needs a comma maybe, that play on words, home is where the heart is, and finding home is hard work, heart work…they can’t all be literary Houdini escapes, twists and dislocations. 758 more words


f o n t s

here are some new fonts that i have been using for different projects, i really like all of these.


Design Showcase #4

This assignment has been my favorite one yet. While there were specific guidelines to follow, I feel this activity allowed me to be more creative than some of the other assignments we have completed so far. 446 more words

Web Design

Week 4 Chalk Board

For the chalkboard assignment, I places everything on its own layer. I have seen the evil side of Photo Shop and now take every precaution to ensure my projects don’t end up ruined! 121 more words

Week 2: How to write an appropriate blog for the web

This week in class I learned the ins and outs of how to write blog posts that are accessible, appropriate and legible for the web. I will share some of what I have learnt in order to help you get write the perfect blog. 273 more words