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Getting a Little Redneck

Sometimes you have to get a bit redneck, white trash, or whatever you wish to call it, and you know it’s going to be fun. For me, that generally mean something to do with hunting, guns, or cars. 280 more words

Perishable Item

Discover the history behind the world's greatest typefaces with @Typendium

If you’re anything like me you’re captivated by the variance of fonts. Whether they’re classic or cult, elegant or understated, hand drawn or sleek and timeless, I’ve often looked at typefaces and wondered what the story behind them was. 225 more words


Free fonts!

I have an obsession with fonts and typography. There, I said it. I love the way that words look in different fonts and it makes taking notes more interesting if they are not in Times New Romans (no offense Times but you are over-used to the point that it makes me cringe to change the font to you on papers). 97 more words


The Best Free Fonts for Education

It’s 2014, and the internet is bursting with high-quality free fonts. But lots of educators and students still write up documents in drab default fonts like Calibri, Times New Roman, Arial and Comic Sans. 1,349 more words

Personalized Cards


Hello all!

I recently made a quick birthday card for my friend on Illustrator. To be honest, I could have gotten way more creative with it. 203 more words


H puts on Habit

Derived from Latin for condition or character, habitus came dressed as attire before being donned as a behaviour pattern or conduct.

As a physician, Hippocrates waves the double-edge sword of healing but in daily life harmlessness and helpfulness are a salve for the health of ourselves as well as others. 27 more words

Writing Challenges

Design Tips! : Creating Your Font Palette

Yes, just as you might create a color palette for your design, you can also create a font palette. As you may have noticed, not all fonts complement each other. 434 more words