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Adventures in Gluten-Free Vegetarianism, 5

I think it would be more accurate, at this point, to call myself “A person who generally avoids eating meat.” It would be more honest. It’s been just over 4 months now, and I’ve eaten meat maybe 6 times, which is very few times for me, but still…I take fish oil capsules for my eye troubles, and eat worcestershire sauce that contains some remnant of anchovies. 8 more words


Eggs 3 ways

Oh the simple oeuf – some people love ‘em, some people hate ‘em. I for one have been a lover of eggs cooked any way since being a wee bairn and more specifically as a hangover cure. 294 more words


Thanksgiving, Vegetables and Apple Pie

to all my American family, friends and readers. I just love that a day is set aside for being together and for being grateful for the people in our lives, no presents involved just eating a feast together at the family table. 120 more words


The Bravery Cafe


A strange blend of whimsicality and minimalism, of paper horse, colourful lightings, tinted panels and metal furniture. The interior of The Bravery was different from the usual, but not exactly my preference. 103 more words




What on earth is this center-everything nonsense? The way my photos came in was in this interesting collage approach, which was also a surprise. 422 more words


The Craftmen Specialty Coffee

Here’s another favourite cafe (for coffee) found after Chye Seng Huat and Dutch Colony. I love everything about the cafe, from the interior to the food, and how the owner so thoughtfully filled the cafe with some festive mood of Christmas with ornaments, snowman and a Christmas tree. 65 more words