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My cousin and I decided to visit Geelong for a relaxing few days away.

On the first night we stayed in our hotel room, relaxed and watched movies, which is always the best way to unwind. 467 more words


I'll Have Naan of That : Eating With One's Hands

“Never be afraid of trying something new, Hassan. Very important. It is the spice of life.” Hassan is, as those who have either seen the movie or read the book The Hundred Foot Journey will remember, the story’s protagonist. 932 more words


Primal Pantry – no wonder the caveman became extinct (Teneriffe)

Paleo. P.A.L.E.O. How do you even pronounce that word? Pale-O? Pa-Leo??

So obviously a restaurant that declares itself ‘100% PALEO’ (OMG CAPITAL LETTERS FOR EMPHASIS) in every single advert was not quite targeted at me. 349 more words


Bring Your Wine to Bombay Mahal

Lately, I have been trying very hard to knock down the dinner places I have on my never ending list of restaurants. Recently, my friends and I decided to go for something different and go for Indian food. 324 more words


Oreo Crusted Brownies

Brownies are the best thing ever! I wanted to experiment a little with the plain brownie you can make from a box. I ended up creating a simple dessert that doesn’t require much time but is a little different. 415 more words


A fair point.

An open letter to you on why I do not consume eggs/dairy/meat.

Please keep reading even if you think ‘pfft… vegan arsehole’

You should be educated in what you are consuming and the activities that your consumption perpetuates. 876 more words