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Friday the 13th - sort of

Less than 2-weeks left to 2014. Doesn’t it seem like we were just freaking out about the Y2K bug threatening our newly computerized way of life? 322 more words


14 Days to Go - Keeping Calm & Carrying On

I used the “keep calm” graphic yesterday and again today without much thought as they immediately came up during a google search, but upon deeper reflection, I feel it is worth deeper reflection. 106 more words


Memo to Staff: Time to Lose a Few Pounds

Memo to Staff: Time to Lose a Few Pounds

Moving Beyond Gym Memberships, Companies Take Aggressive, Personalized Approach to Workers’ Weight


Gary Taxali… 230 more words

Hunger, revisited

I eat, am not full
and eat more, to emptiness –
wrong stomach, wrong food
© Crystal Chan

Its Time

I binged yesterday, when I binge I drink alot of Coca Cola and it doesnt go well with my bipolar meds. Its happened a few times after bingeing but it took me alittle while to put two and two together, I jump up in my sleep, I did it twice last night, one time I nearly knocked myself out by hitting my head and the second time I either scared my little chihuahua or actually hit her, she screamed and that broke my heart

This morning during a lecture I sat beside the anorexic resident. I could hear her stomach rumbling from hunger and deprivation. There she sat, sipping a diet soft drink, enduring her insides literally twisting with grace and determination that will never be mine. 19 more words

Eating Disorders

The Western Diet As A Lethal Disease Vector

Reprinted from GreenMedInfo; Written By: Sayer Ji Founder

Emerging research indicates that the Western diet could rightly be considered a ‘Disease Vector’ on par with influenza and other infectious diseases. 699 more words

Dehydrated Foods