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Food addiction is...

Being full to the point of feeling sick and still wanting to eat.

Waking up and immediately thinking about breakfast.

Finishing breakfast and immediately wanting a snack. 539 more words

Gastric Sleeve

High Protein Foods v Lower Cholesterol

Till forty years ago our traditional, natural food was dominated by high protein low carb foods, plus somewhat more animal fat than we eat today. Then a drummed up, world-wide media scare campaign forced us to abandon our natural diet.

High Protein Foods v Lower Cholesterol

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Damn You, Clean Plate Club

God please, why did I fill my plate that much? What’s that? Because there was room? Because my eyes got big at the sight of guacamole and tuna salad? 257 more words


Tough Questions: Bariatric services for children

Bariatric services should “only be a last resort for children”, the Health Minister Mark Drakeford told the Health and Social Care Committee on 26 March 2014. 274 more words

Cooking with Sara - Cabbage Rolls

I am so glad I stumbled upon this dish. It was something of a challenge to make, which I like, but still easy enough to pull off after a long day of work and not feel like I’m tethered to the stove. 867 more words


Day 78, 288 More to Go!

Well, I warned you of this, that I would not be weighing today because of my period. I know that I should, but honestly, it isn’t worth it when I know I’m bloated and the results won’t be what I want. 739 more words

Weight Loss