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Day 78, 288 More to Go!

Well, I warned you of this, that I would not be weighing today because of my period. I know that I should, but honestly, it isn’t worth it when I know I’m bloated and the results won’t be what I want. 739 more words

Weight Loss

If you are looking for a warm fuzzy, this is not it.

So yeah. Really not looking forward to writing this particular post. In fact, thought about what else I could possibly write about. Anything. But nope. It’s this. 523 more words


Emotional Eating: It's Not Your Fault

It’s not your fault you eat emotionally.  It’s not your fault when your stomach feels like a bottomless pit.

It’s not your fault when you find yourself devouring a whole bag of cookies or polishing off a half-gallon of ice gallon. 434 more words

Clean Eating

Do You Have A Sugar Addiction

Sugar addiction not only acts just like cocaine dependency. When it comes to numbers of addicts, sugar is miles ahead of cocaine.
So what is so dreadful about sugar? 607 more words

Sugar Addiction

Lets talk about diabetes

The link between obesity and diabetes has long been established, but what is diabetes and how does it affect people? We’ve teamed up with BBC News to bring you everything you need to know. 742 more words

Sugar Addiction Scourge of the Twenty First Century

To listen to the food industry there is no such thing as Food Addiction. The diet and weight loss industry will second that. Within the industries, it is generally referred to as a selective eating disorder. 6 more words

Sugar Addiction Scourge of the Twenty First Century

Several studies have suggested chemical salts and sugars are highly toxic. It is certainly highly addictive. It is hard to imagine that any chemical can ever be referred to as a digestible food.