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The Beginning of Taking Responsibility

I’ve been dealing with food addiction for over 40 years. It used to be  so tied in with my low self esteem and poor self image that it could only allow me to look some version of me being perfect to  even be OK. 352 more words

Feelings And Emotions

Two's Company

A few weeks ago the paramedic suggested that he move in with me. He couldn’t take his long commute to work anymore and he knew I had a large apartment and that I was hurting for money. 383 more words

Eating Disorders

Your Body Composition

As a former musician, when I hear the word “composition” I think of the famous 4-note theme of Beethoven’s fifth symphony. As a personal trainer, I think of an important component of overall health: body composition. 503 more words


Cooking with Sara - Salmon Patties

When I found this recipe I couldn’t wait to give it a try. I’ve wanted to do something with fish for ages, and when cooking this up I learned a lot about how to prepare it for next time, both the main dish and the side. 600 more words


In the Beginning

I am obese. I have been avoiding that word for a long time. I pretended I didn’t see the weight and I often thought I was smaller than I am. 1,508 more words

Food Addiction

Let the chips fall where they may. (Because they are going to anyway.)

It’s funny to realize that you don’t know yourself. Or that you are not who you once were. Or that maybe you were never that person you thought you were and you didn’t realize it. 663 more words


My Story - Sara Miller #2

Working late is no fun! Between two late days in a row and a birthday party I’ve had nearly zero time to sit and prepare this blog, and I’ve been looking forward to doing my own update! 522 more words