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Okay, Cupid, Whatcha Got For Me? -- Part I

In which I’m not ready for primetime but dive in, all the same.

STATUS: Quit my horrible job: Check;  Writing full time while promoting a nonfiction book I’d published: Check;  Cosmetic surgery planned: Check;  Weight loss: In Progress. 672 more words


December AHHHH!

Hey guys! Here we are on the 24th day of no-cheat November. Are you excited for December?

So for me, I can’t imagine life with all of the stuff I once ate. 266 more words

French fries call my name....

I am on a healing path.  It is my intention to move my body back into balance, to reverse the health conditions that are troubling me, to shrink the “growths” that are in my body temple, to maintain and manage my energy, my vibrance and to feel good more often than not. 413 more words


Food Addiction...

I have often found it amusing, or perhaps bemusing is a better word, that when I tell people that I have a food addiction they look at me strangely.  387 more words


Radical Accountability?

A friend had asked me on November 1 if I was interested in participating in 30 days of radical accountability. I said yes. So far… I have done nothing towards this commitment. 753 more words


Eat To Live or Live To Eat? That is the question.

I do. I have a real problem with food.

Can you be a food addict?

I realize that is nothing to joke about. And in all honesty, I don’t know that I’m 100% joking. 564 more words