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Chocolate Problems And Peanut Allergies

We don’t consider M&Ms (even plain ones) safe for The Child’s peanut allergy.

“But there are no peanuts in plain M&M’s! They are plain!” 414 more words

Food Allergies

Fucking Walnuts, Man

Food allergies and sensitivities are everywhere. This is not the end of the world. As someone who suffers from sever lactose intolerance, I can attest that it is not a fun affliction. 743 more words


Squid's Pancakes

When I got pregnant, breakfast meats and eggs started making me nauseous (even pancakes).  The thought of eggs still makes me squeamish and the big pile of greasy sausage and bacon make me feel gross all day after I eat it.   156 more words

Food Allergies

Sweet Potato, Kale, and Sausage Soup Recipe


10 cups chicken broth

1 lb sausage (details below)

2 large sweet potatoes, peeled and diced

1 large red onion, diced

1 large bunch of kale, chopped… 327 more words

Nut Free

Exactly HOW is this better?

After relating my cereal induced thoracic balloon story to a friend, he said something along the lines of, “And this new diet is a good… 501 more words


Product Review: Gluten Free and 100% Vegan Chocolate Butterscotch Fudge Cupcake by Ms Cupcake Brixton, London.

Based in Brixton Village, in amongst the many eateries, cafes and restaurants, Ms Cupcake works to “create indulgent and decadent cakes for you regardless of what you can, and cannot eat… 297 more words

Product Review:

Squid's Pasta Salad

This is probably my favorite vegan meal of all.  Sometimes we have it as a side but most of the time we eat it as a meal itself.   251 more words

Food Allergies