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FROM MY KITCHEN TABLE: Traditional Cooking vs. Molecular Gastronomy

I made spicy coconut-curry prawns and a side of grilled asparagus with pineapple glaze. I usually cook without recipes, I rely on my senses and follow my inspirations. 345 more words

Food And Cooking

KitchenWise: Recipe for beans and greens gratin

Sara Moulton/The Associated Press

I didn’t appreciate the numerous lovable qualities of dried beans until my college years, when I was living on my own in a house with several other women, all of us strapped for cash. 775 more words

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BC takes a lesson in raw milk production from California

California raw milk entrepreneur Mark McAfee wonders if all the expensive legal wrangling over the distribution of unpasteurized dairy products on B.C. couldn’t just go away with the stroke of a pen. 348 more words

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Thinking beyond mashed with 10 fresh ways to use butternut squash

Alison Ladman/The Associated Press

Just as you’re finally finishing up the mounds of zucchini that have haunted you all summer, autumn’s overabundance of butternut squash hits you. 888 more words

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Recipe for Dijon tomato and sweet onion pie

Elizabeth Karmel/The Associated Press

Tomato Pie is a classic Southern dish made in late summer when the tomato plants are heavy with ripe fruit, but everyone has had their fill of tomato sandwiches and salads. 611 more words

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From fresh tomatoes to spaghetti in 20 minutes

This dish is the very definition of fast food, but without all the usual sodium, heart-damaging fats and added sugar one typically associates with a franchise combo meal. 235 more words

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Supermarket confusion: Too much sugar

As Canadians we are eating too much ‘added sugar.’ Sugar gives us energy but not much else. Consuming too much sugar puts us at risk for… 890 more words