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Slow carb diet update (almost done!)

I dropped another 1.6 pounds last week, for a total of 8.2 pounds since Aug. 1 — all done with very little running.

I might go for another week or two (and another pound or two), but I’m going to start moving into maintenance mode soon. 205 more words

Cooking with quinoa

The first time I heard about the health benefits of quinoa I went out and purchased some to replace rice at my next meal. I couldn’t understand why it turned out all mushy and basically tasted like baby food, but with zero flavour. 409 more words


Friday Jams: Teachers, Leave Them Kids Alone

I was in 6th grade when Pink Floyd’s The Wall was released. My older brother was in 8th grade. The perfect age to gravitate towards musical resistance to the man. 735 more words

Honour Your Health

Last week I was stressed, and out of sorts, and stroppier than usual.  It was a combination of things, but the result was 3 bottles of wine  and a fair bit of vodka over the week.   1,027 more words

Coach Melisa's 5 Non-Negotiables

Both social media and the world wide web of information are great. We love them. It’s how we gain followers, attract people to our programs, share ideas with others, post pictures of our kids, our meals, and everything else in between. 905 more words

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