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It's not just Freshmen anymore... The Endurance 15.

You’ve heard of the “Freshman 15” before, right? It refers to the amount of weight gained during a student’s first year in college. The weight gain is attributed to increased alcohol intake, consumption of fat and carb-rich cafeteria-style food, lack of exercise, increased stress, and poor sleep. 1,140 more words

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"Hungry Spouses Tend to be Angry Spouses"

I heard that.  Any of you out there with me on this one? A story aired on Good Morning America this morning; “Why Your Spouse May be ‘Hangry for a Fight’” 386 more words

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good eats

I’ve seen multiple meal suggestions of an egg/avocado combo – fried egg on toast topped with avocado, soft boiled egg mashes up in a bowl with avocado, etc.   58 more words


5 Ways to Kick Start Better Eating Habits

Sometimes the hardest thing about starting a new program that involves changing what/how you eat is the initial transition into the (hopefully) better lifestyle. Whether it’s cutting out sugar or changing what we eat completely, we can be left feeling like we’re going crazy… 425 more words

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Well, Asia is over. At least for now. Enough with the colors, the sounds, the smells, the smiles, the stares. What a beautiful place just jam packed with experiences an learning. 216 more words

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Pump & Shred at OTL - 4 Week Program Result are In

The question still remains, “What’s in the water at Of the Lion Fitness?”  Not only has Coach Courtney had great results from her OTL clients in regards to physique goals, but we are also hearing lots of great PRs, improvements, and all around good stuff from the programming and coaching there. 490 more words

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fat, sick & nearly dead: just like joe

i’m not associated with the film- but it’s been eye opening for me. i suffer from stress induced eczema outbreaks- or that’s what i’ve always been told. 239 more words

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