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Kitchen Chronicles: Amanda Hill

This is my best friend, otherwise referred to by her god-given name Amanda Hill.

I could call her many things, but we will leave nicknames where they belong: … 1,256 more words

Kitchen Chronicles

The celebratory bird

Sunday lunch used to be quite an elaborate affair in our home when I was growing up, and the star of the meal was my mother’s roast chicken. 1,121 more words

Main Course

Organic on a budget II: The Wallet Strikes Back

My last post was well-received and sparked plenty of conversation, so a sequel is in order. Hey, sequels (and even prequels) are “in,” right? I still need to go see “The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1.” Speaking of hunger, let’s cut to the chase and add to the list of ways to eat like a king on a pauper’s salary. 891 more words

Faves: Cooking Blogs

It’s no mystery that I am a foodie.

Just looking at my computer you’ll see an amalgamation of cooking blogs that I follow, and a folder of over 1,000 recipes I have collected over the years (before I discovered Pinterest!) I now have several Pinterest boards and too many pins to count solely devoted to food. 327 more words

Posts I Loved This Week - 4

Good Morning! I am back with another one in this series which now officially has been named all wrong! Clearly I have not been very good at keeping it a weekly… 633 more words

Favorite Blogs

Beyond Her Core Healthy Living Guide 2015

A delicious dose of creative and inspiring healthy lifestyle blogs at your fingertips. The new year is almost here and what better way to celebrate a healthy start than with some wonderfully luscious and enticing blogs. 265 more words


Recipe of the Day: Jamaican Avocado Salsa

It is the time of year when we become welcoming hosts to Christmas parties, dinners, and family get togethers, and times like these call for endless meal choices and options to keep your guests happy. 159 more words