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Annoying Things Food Bloggers Do

I like reading food blogs. I’ve noticed that there are a few things that a lot of food bloggers like to do which I find frustrating. 351 more words

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Team GG or Team Doug??

The premiere of Top Chef Boston aired last Wednesday, and in case you didn’t know this season features not only one Portland chef but two top Portland chefs. 258 more words

Guest Post on Bushel - "Destiny and Cheesecake"

Last week, I had the honor of writing a guest post for my friend Rebekah Raisor’s blog Bushel.

Check out my post “Destiny and Cheesecake” 33 more words


It's time for Diwali sweets!!

Diwali and sweets are synonymous… indian women get busy in preparing various traditional sweets to celebrate diwali in a beautiful way..here’s an interesting, easy and healthy sweet recipe… 11 more words



For those of you who don’t know what a mocha is, it’s basically a blend of chocolate and coffee. It’s also known as a life saver, energy giver and an I can get through this day-er! 96 more words


How To Prepare Diwali special chocolate barfi

How To Prepare Diwali special chocolate barfi

తయారీ :

ముందుగా స్టవ్ వెలిగించి  పాన్ పెట్టి అందులో నెయ్యి వేసి కరిగాక మైదా పిండి  వేసి……………….Read More……………

Flatbreads with golden beetroot

When I saw this recipe for beetroot flatbreads on the Shivaay Delights blog I knew I had to try it. I was worried that the purple colour would put my two (albeit increasingly less) picky eaters off of trying these and by happy coincidence two lovely golden beetroots arrived in my… 310 more words


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Mandy made these wonderful GOLDEN BEETROOT parathas based on my ruby red beetroot paratha recipe. They look amazing and thanks so much for the mention honey! Loving your blog posts always!! image Red Beetroot paratha recipe..click on me!