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10 Healthy Snack Options

February is national snack food month, paying tribute to perhaps to the 2005 statistic of over $61 billion in snack food sales. Candy is the third highest food sold, behind carbonated drinks and milk. 377 more words

Food Choices

Healthier Food Choices For Your Super Bowl Party

As Sunday’s extravaganza approaches, many of you will be watching the game, as you stuff your face with all sorts of food. As you prepare for the upcoming feast, consider the following tips on choosing foods with better and healthier ingredients that you and your party posse will enjoy: 367 more words

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Snack Happy

If you’ve never felt famished two hours before your next meal or undermined your healthy eating plans by desperately grabbing for a less-than-nutritious snack simply because it’s available, this might not be the article for you. 684 more words

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Should Science and Food Mix?

A look at headlines and news clips and this would be a resounding NO! Keep science far away. What if I said food invites science? Needs science? 702 more words

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Dead Last: Paleo Diet Ranks 34th on Best Diets by U.S. News

As you know, I’m new to the paleo lifestyle. Slowly working my way through it, learning the “in’s and out’s”, and seeing how my body reacts to a dairy-free, grain-free, and refined sugar-free meal plan. 1,775 more words


GMO Campaigns, Organic Truths and Public Perception

So picture a person in full dress – protective clothing, hat, respirator, spraying *something* (unknown what the something is) in a garden. It’s a garden, based on the plants surrounding the person. 997 more words

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Wednesday Weigh-in ~ Eating, Exercise, Excuses, and a Plan

There’s always stuff to do. 

There’s always stuff that hurts.

There’s always excuses.

I wanted to start this blog whining about how hard it’s been to focus on my body while remodeling a house, grieving deaths, and adjusting to the kids leaving home. 767 more words

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