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Organic, Local or Politically Correct: What is Your Food? From the Archives

Many American consumers have been duped. They blissfully by organic at higher priced markets so they don’t contribute to China “as Wal-Mart does”. The truth is they’ve supported the same all along. 582 more words

Food Choices

Fried rice: Cauliflower-style!

Oh yeah I did.  Fried rice, turned healthy!

Cauliflower is so damn versatile, you’ve just got to know how to use it!  Substitute your regular mashed potato with dinner for a cauliflower mash by steaming cauliflower, mashing it, adding in some flavours like garlic or parmesan, add a dash of extra virgin olive oil and some fresh cracked pepper – delish!   293 more words

Clean Eating

A beautiful mess!

Having a busy week and not meal-prepping really throws me out!  However, my fridge and pantry are always stocked up with a range of good choices.   352 more words

Clean Eating

Want to Enjoy Food More? Eat Less!

Super-sized may not mean super satisfied.

We’ve all finished meals where we’d eaten so much we could hardly move.Or we just couldn’t resist chowing down that last slice of pizza, or just one more piece of cake or… 227 more words


The Autism-Inflammation-Infection Links

The Oxygen Model of the Autism Spectrum predicts that pathologic (disease-causing) inflammation from any source will worsen the signs and symptoms associated with spectrum.

My Oxygen Model of Autism is a unifying model that explains all aspects of autism on the basis of disruptions of oxygen homeostasis occurring during fetal life, infancy, and childhood. 531 more words

Majid Ali MD

Vegan Magazine Finally hits Uk! #veganlife

Thank you! Packed loads with ideas, stories, recipes, events and debates: it’s a great read!

For the launch it Comes free with omyoga magazine. I couldn’t find it at Asda but did find it at Sainsburys. 26 more words

Living With Purpose

Food Preservation - Freezing Meats

Modern food preservation is easier than ever before with a freezer that enables you to stock up on meats when they’re on sale or purchase directly from a farmer. 676 more words

Food Choices