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One great way to start reducing your cravings is to eliminate sugar and artificial sweeteners. Don’t be fooled; sugar has many forms. It may be regular table sugar, agave, corn syrup, high fructose corn syrup, molasses, fructose, and many other names. 247 more words

Type 1 Diabetes

Changes Don't Wait for the New Year

In farms, in life sometimes personal and professional life intertwines. Sometimes that’s good, sometimes not so good. Sometimes it just is and takes re-adjustment.

From the beginning bit by bit SlowMoneyFarm has grown – still very small but grown from an idea. 404 more words


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I don't often crosspost things from the farm blog, but this is one that is food related, and importantly need related. Some changes have come up, and going forward will be much different, but much more determined. If you're interested in putting action to your food choices please read and consider a purchase at one of the links. Thank you.

Building a Healthier Relationship With Food

It seems as if obesity has become an epidemic! Each year the numbers climb in vast and excessive numbers. According to stats Canada, 1 in 4 adults and 1 in 10 children are considered obese. 555 more words


Wednesday Weigh In: Big News Edition

Alright so this week’s weigh in is god awful, not going to lie.  I’m up 2.6 over last week.  I am sure part of it is that time of the month, and part of it is restaurant meals over the last few days, but salt isn’t going to account for all of it.  459 more words


December 9th - Tropical Raw Burger

It was a rough night last night. I’ve got a bad ear infection that hurts like nothing else I’ve had in a while. I was up most of the night, but that’s ok because I have plenty of energy thanks to the food I have been eating. 349 more words

Increased Energy

3 Easy, Tasty Christmas Desserts

Many think they have to do without dessert and stress over a dinner party where guests may expect one. Pecan pie is a tradition for many during the holiday season but many are intimidated to try making it. 341 more words


A Lesson in Eco-Conscious Dieting

It’s hard enough to make diet-friendly food choices. But I’ve recently developed an “eco conscience,” and am trying to choose Earth-friendly options, too.

I’ll admit, there are days when I only have time to look at what’s handy, choose the healthiest option, and grab a fork. 571 more words

Weight Management