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Beware of Food Label Tricks

Are you being tricked at the grocery store? Are you sure products you are buying really are as healthy as they claim?

Many consumers are tricked by words on the label and ingredients in food into making choices which cost more money but may not be the healthiest choices. 478 more words

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ACID/ALKALINE WATER IONIZERS: Why they are a no, no,no!!!

ACID/ALKALINE WATER IONIZERS: Why they are a no, no,no!!!

Newsletter for ewater.com, Wellnesslecture.com & Trinisol customers.

ACID/ALKALINE WATER IONIZERS: Why they are a no, no, no!!! 1,556 more words

Food Choices

Know Your Farmer...Really!

It’s often repeated in the wake of recalls that people should “know your farmer.” For those in rural areas, buying direct and other means of direct contact this is easy. 791 more words

Food Choices

Animal Rights, Its not just about being Vegan.

While my husband and I were dating, we were out enjoying one of our favorite American dishes, buffalo chicken wings, and he said he was surprised to see me eating chicken off the bone since I loved animals so much. 432 more words

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Wednesday Weigh In/July Progress Report

So I am officially dumbfounded and irritated and I risk sounding like all of those weight loss bloggers who secretly are eating more than they think they are but remain mystified as to why they are not losing (or actually gaining) weight. 592 more words


The Frustration of Food

Six months after I was diagnosed with celiac, I went through food allergy testing.  The test told me to avoid dairy, eggs, garlic, almonds, beef, and a few other foods.   353 more words

Celiac Disease