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Newsletter for Co-op Box (Week One Cycle)

Greetings Our Farm Community members,

This week is week one of our cycle. We are starting to see the changeover from veggies grown more south to farther north. 734 more words

Food Co-op

Rachel's last day, initial website developments, and the April book group

Today’s community lunch is Rachel’s last day, creating a website development area, and the April book group meeting went well resulting in lots of worthwhile books to checkout and explore.

Friday's Food For Thought

This quote was on our chalkboard for a while. I confess to copying all of the graphic ideas from Pinterest sources.

Any of you Victorians heard about the… 233 more words

Home Life

Australian food in the city

So life has led me to Australia. Its not a place I have ever wanted to go to. But last year, our eldest son came to New South Wales with his family, And a few weeks ago, they had a new baby. 792 more words

Maryland Food Co-Op: A place offering more than just food

By: Katelyn Newman

By providing workload equality, a welcoming good atmosphere, and healthy, inexpensive food, the Maryland Food Co-Op offers a fresh spin taste on running a business. 412 more words


Food co-op counting, satellite debris images, Endeavour, Asara, and Love Letter

Creative counting takes place at the food co-op, satellite images of MH370 debris are made public, and board games of Endeavor, Asara, and Love Letter.

What is a CSA?

As the local growing season begins on Vancouver Island, we’ve been thinking about joining a Community Shared/Supported Agriculture programs (CSA). Are you familiar with CSAs? 522 more words

Food Co-op