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SPAM (canned meat product)

Gentlemen-rankers out on a spree, Damned from here to Eternity, God ha’ mercy on such as we, Baa! Yah! Bah! –  Rudyard Kipling

The can of Spam sat awaiting release into the world of gastronomic excellence.   196 more words


Creamy Breakfast Risotto with Soft Scrambled Eggs

Revive leftover risotto with custardy soft scrambled eggs and crispy bacon to make this warm and comforting Sunday breakfast.

Butter, rice, onions, chicken stock.  Because they are so few, the ingredients you choose to make your risotto will make a huge difference in texture and flavor.   666 more words


Eating Pests -- Singapore Chili Crayfish

We understand how this might be intolerable to softhearted vegetarian friends; I have second thoughts about sharing this. If you must know, it is the owners’ wish to get rid of every single crayfish, which they consider pests, in their dam. 75 more words

My Life In Australia

Grandmother's Winter Baking: Sweet Marie Bars

These are not those other Sweet Marie Bars. These ones are better, I promise. I was scouting around for other recipes to see if I could figure out where on earth my grandmother got these from, and I really don’t know. 505 more words

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McCormick & Company

THE UBIQUITOUS RED-LID containers.  Consistent of size, a design shared by no other company.  From humble beginnings selling extracts door to door in 1889, Willoughby M.  91 more words

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My Mother's Cooking - A Week of Feasting [picture heavy]

Chicken Curry


Chap Chye

Chilli crabs

Sambal prawns

Mixed vegetables

Steamed fish with preserved olive leaves

Braised pig trotters and chicken feet (star anise and black sauce were used) 62 more words

My Life In Australia

Get Ready For Christmas with our Christmas Pudding Recipe

Stir up Sunday is the Sunday before advent where families everywhere get together and stir up that delicious Christmas pud for all to enjoy on Christmas day.  411 more words

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