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Instagram Diet: Curb Specific Food Cravings with "Sensory Simulation"

Looking at endless pictures of foods can make them less enjoyable to eat, a recent study has found.

While a few photos might enhance the appetite, contrary to what you’d expect, people are actually put off the taste by looking at loads of pictures of food.

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Oh, These Food Cravings!

My goodness, people, what is it with these food cravings?

The coffee craving for the first 4 months or so was just ludicrous.  Starbucks has a loyalty program? 673 more words


How Do You Know It Is Time To Visit The Motherland?

Travelling home is not a cheap adventure. After being in India for some time now I have grown accustom to the cheap ass prices. The thought of buying ANYTHING in the US drains my bank account. 520 more words


This is what I do for a living. Now try dieting... Hard day in the kitchen!!!

Gooseberry and Strawberry cobbler served with white chocolate ice cream, almond crisps, roasted flaked almonds and Strawberry-gooseberry Jam!

Cambridge Diet