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Sainsbury's British Hot Dogs x6 600g

On my latest adventure into the tide of supermarket offerings I have decided to try the Sainsbury’s British Hot Dogs x6 600g. I don’t know if it’s the Triphosphates, Sodium metabisulphite or more likely the Smoked dextrose but this sausage has that unmistakable smoky nostalgic flavour you associate with a hotdog at least in contemporary Europe that is, I often muse on the transient qualities of that particular smoky flavour that takes me back to childhood when life was a much more simple affair. 214 more words

Hot Dog

Restaurant complains after critic's negative review is too popular on Google. And the judge agrees!

This is crazy.

A judge in France has ordered a food critic to change the headline of a scorchingly negative restaurant review because it was “too prominent” in Google search results. 462 more words


Cuban - Arabic - Italian Night

Last Friday, I wanted to go out somewhere new, me & R, for dinner. But I didn’t feel like just going out to eat, I wanted to go somewhere where we can also have fun. 612 more words


Tonka Review

I was looking forward to tonight’s Indian cuisine adventure so much I actually dreamt about it! It was exquisite. Apart from the fact that my wife Winifred was completely bald and the floor was entirely see through. 616 more words

Fine Dining

Melba Review

Five minutes before we leave for the restaurant, the wife’s wretched sister Flo shows up on my doorstep with Paul in a cage. Expects Winifred and I to look after him while her house is fumigated! 466 more words

Fine Dining

Attica Review

Yet another lovely meal has gone cold and uneaten. Rather than spend the evening on a wonderful fine dining adventure, I end up eating a few bananas for dinner! 507 more words

Fine Dining

Gundiguts #3: Greggs Bakery

Friday lunchtime was flicking my stomach’s buttocks with a wet towel and yelling “Chase me! Chase me!”  I found myself stood outside an aesthetic curio that the British High Street is wont to throw up now and again. 469 more words