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I Hate My Job. I Hate My Job. I Hate My Job.

I am NEVER doing food day again. Ever. Fuck these assholes.

And my boss has PMS. I swear PMS is a thing for men. Just because he’s in a shitty mood, he makes terrible strategic decisions that affect everyone else. 134 more words

Food Day - The Worst Day

You’d think a food day would be a good thing. In theory it is, if you don’t work with selfish asshats.

Co-Worker 1: “You’re bringing egg rolls, right?” 227 more words

day 81/march 22, 2014

TOO many nice things happened today. I had such a happy day! Of course, I got nearly no work done at all, but who cares, if lots of fun and wonderful things happened and I got to see lots of fun and wonderful friends? 238 more words

National Nutrition Month and The Healthy Recipe Contest

Hello everyone!

It seems like February just flew by before I had a chance to blink. What was your favorite part? Celebrating Valentine’s Day with loved ones? 372 more words