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After Years Without a Grocery Store, Greensboro Neighbors Are Building One Themselves—And They’ll Own It by Dave Reed — YES! Magazine

Fed up with essentially begging for access to quality food, residents of this predominantly African-American and low-income neighborhood decided to open their own grocery store. 23 more words

USDA Food Desert Map

Food deserts are not purely urban phenomena. In the United States, places were fresh food is not readily available and easily accessible are also located in rural areas. 162 more words

Food Policy

Food Deserts and Urban Gardens

Those who follow urban policy may have noticed that in September, U.S. Congress began working on legislation that tries to promote the idea of “urban gardens.” The short title of the bill is Urban Agriculture Production Act (H.R.5616) and it is co-sponsored by 8 Democratic and 1 Republican House Representatives. 646 more words

Food Policy

"I Could Never Be Vegan!" So What? (and why that's the appropriate response)

I hear too many excuses (and yes, most of them are boiled down to just that; excuses) for why people I know “could never be vegan.” “Oh, it’s too hard! 382 more words

Animal Rights

Victory Gardens: Part of Daily Life on the Home Front.

During both World Wars, our food supply was diminished as agricultural laborers were recruited into battle. Hence, the birth of victory gardens. Conceived of by Charles Lathrop Pack, war gardens increased the food supply without using the land and manpower required for agriculture and without burdening the transportation facilities needed for war. 484 more words

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Food Oceans

I step out onto the street in front of my compound. I look to my right then to my left, and as far as I can see in either direction, shops line the street. 158 more words


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just beyond the rolling hills and impeccability manicured beds of seasonal foliage, two embroidered rod iron archways separate wake forest wealth from winston salem poverty. 134 more words