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Chocolate-Buttermilk Chess Pie

It’s been almost two years, and I haven’t quite gotten used to cubicle life.  There are still a lot of things I don’t understand.

Like,  why does my 3 person cube that currently only holds 2 people require 6 trash cans? 424 more words

Food + Drink

Seasonal berries add summer flavour

When you have been gifted a pint of dusky, sweet blueberries and a blog you frequent has just posted a recipe that calls for exactly that, I would call it food fate. 632 more words


Two essential #ingredients: #coffee and #water

It is obvious that water without coffee and vice versa will result of an empty cup, shop and no business.

Some coffee roasters or in fact most of them, are traveling the world to source that perfect and tasteful green coffee bean which will give a kick to your taste buds once roasted. 416 more words


Hold The Menno Please

Seeing as this has been my first week back to classes, cooking of any sort has been pretty impossible. I will never get used to the back-to-school stress, let alone moving my whole life from point A to point B. 443 more words


Recipe for tangy tomato-eggplant crostini

Alison Ladman/The Associated Press

Want to get the most out of your late summer tomatoes and eggplants? Try the simple two-step prep we use for these easy crostini. 368 more words


Coffee Replacing Crumbs Cupcakes in Chelsea

A new coffee shop serving Italian-style coffee and in-house, hand-made baked goods, is building out the 950-square-foot space where Crumbs Bake Shop used to be in Chelsea. 424 more words