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Pomegranate Plum Rum Fizz: the end of summer cocktail.

I bought some plums the other day, believing the promise on the pack that they were ‘luscious sun ripened plums from the Ceres Valley. Ripe and Ready to eat’ 387 more words

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Frozen coffee sabayon: easier and faster than gelato

Since it has become apparent that sugar is linked to every evil disease that can befall our bodies, I have tried to abide by the very personal rule that I will only eat dessert if I make it, the thinking behind it being that, at least, I can control what goes into my sins. 479 more words

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Campari and Orange Cake - could we possibly pass it up?

At this time of the year, even in climate blessed California, we are scouring the markets for fruit offerings other than apples and oranges. Eagerly awaiting for peaches and strawberries, we are nonetheless stuck with apples and oranges, unless we settle for fruit shipped from South America, a guarantee of blandness.

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Pimp-my-sponge cake: making the most of what you got.

sofabrother has been experimenting with a mother sponge. His concept is to create a basic mix that can be customised to suit season/taste/recycling of left over ingredients. 272 more words


Breakfast indulgence: chocolate chip scones

As much as I try to be healthy when it comes to breakfast, at least once or twice a week, I will give myself a break from poached eggs, oatmeal, smoothies or chia seeds. 568 more words

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Pineapple Mint Mojito - in salute of a cold, wet, long ago London winter.

When I first moved to England, I was living with my boyfriend in Archway. A yet-to-be-gentrified part of North London. The house he had bought had been occupied by squatters – who had roundly trashed it when we had forced their eviction. 569 more words

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