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Icy a return to North Lake Tahoe in the near future...

As a Southern California child I was used to visiting Big Bear Lake and Mountain High often during the winter seasons. Though now that I reside up North, I have been exposed to a whole new mountain/lake scene known as-Lake Tahoe. 598 more words

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The Ultimate Super Bowl Snack: Hot Buffalo Wing-Flavored Peanuts

Do you remember when fear and panic swept the country because chicken wing supplies were shockingly low? (If you don’t remember, I’ll let Stephen Colbert… 263 more words

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Mystery twisted Cheese

Every region has a variety of cheese and living in the middle east we get to see a lot of Greek and Mediterranean cheeses. There is the usual Feta and Halloumi and then there was this… It had no name and the man behind the counter was of no help. 79 more words

Food Finds

The Perfect Snacking Combination: Granola Popcorn

300 treasured calories. That’s the built-in snacking amount I have each day. For me, those 300 calories represent a chance to try new things, have fun, and enjoy something unique. 320 more words

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Flashback Food Find Friday

Could “Flashback Food Find Friday” perhaps be the best tongue twister I have ever seen? Indeed it is, however, it is also the best explanation of my first-to-come Friday blog posts. 464 more words

Food Finds

Latest foodie finds (and rediscoveries)

I’m always on the look out to try new foods and brands, as well as revisiting old favourites that I haven’t had for a while. This week I added some new items into my weekly shop as well as a few tried and tested things that for one reason and another I haven’t indulged in for a while. 235 more words

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Happy New Beer!

Santa Cruz is notorious not only for its surf culture, but also, for its delicious eateries. Over my past few years in this town I have eaten some of the most amazing food in my entire life…well, in America that is. 269 more words

Food Finds