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Would You Trust Government And Food Safety?!?!

Look what our U.S. government is doing to the safety of our well being.  Instead of protecting us from harm and keeping us healthy, they pump foods with hormones and biogenetic creations.   945 more words

trite truth and perspective

the lunar eclipse brought me great clarity yesterday.  i was on my way out for my daily preprandial constitutional.  as i was walking down the stairs, i thought about calling one of my close confidants to update her on the latest of my saga.  374 more words

Food For Thought

what is self?

i’ve been thinking a lot lately about classification.  categorization.  identification.  this need for humans to compartmentalize, to try to make things manageable, to try to make sense out of chaos.  673 more words

Food For Thought

Food for Thought-5 Ways to Be Better Informed About the Ukraine

1.  Listen to news from quality sources.  The BBC and Agence France-Presse do excellent international reporting.

2.  Read this book:

3.  Find a map and become familiar with the geography and city names of the region. 21 more words

Food For Thought

how to... change your world

“The world is changed by your example, not by your opinion” – Paulo Coelho

There are certain things I’ve gotten used to hearing on a daily basis – complaints being made left and right about what’s wrong with the world, all the ways our society is irrevocably damaged, all the reasons why our environment is to blame for our circumstances etc … 564 more words

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