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How to know that you have come to KNOW God

We know that we have come to know God if we OBEY HIS COMMANDS.( 1 John 2:3, NiRV)

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Weekend Quick Shots

The secret to eternal youthfulness is the secret of good coffee:  keep it fresh so you don’t get bitter.

It’s impossible to have a positive life with a negative mind. 68 more words

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The Creator God not only speaks through dreams, visions, audibly, the Holy Spirit, (and many other ways) but He also communicates with His human creation through our senses of sight, smell, touch, taste and hearing. 72 more words


It's Never Easy.

What comes easy, won’t last. What lasts, won’t come easy. – Anonymous


Question Period: How Open Are You?

Over the past two years, the government of Québec has been developing a multimedia program to address the issue of LGBT discrimination in their society.  That’s kind of interesting, because Québec is probably one of the most progressive places in North America in terms of LGBT inclusion. 120 more words


Piloting through Indian markets: An “investor’s radar” approach to risks.

There are multiple risks lurking round the corner, culmination of few of these together possess downside risk to the markets

Here’s an image of radar in air traffic controllers room. 438 more words

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Janelle Monae and the Afro Future

The pop and soul artist Janelle Monae is also well known for her charming black and white uniform. Octavia Butler was a brilliant science fiction writer and winner of the Nebula prize. 495 more words