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Be grateful for everyday.

How many of us actually wake up and feel excited for the day ahead.. On a normal (yes, working!) week day? Haha!

Being random (like always), I had this thought: What can I do to make my current life better? 42 more words

Random Thoughts

Make room for Greater… I Chr 11:4-9

Make room for Greater…


…victories (I Chr 11:4-9, emp v9, AMP)

David sought to capture the fortress of Mount Zion but the inhabitants thereof (the Jebusites) refused him, stating “you shall not come in here”.   218 more words


Making The Better Difference

You shouldn’t want to do something better because it’s better

…but rather…

…do something better because it’s different and different because it’s better. 66 more words


Stressed Out?

Stressed out? Chances are you’re nodding your head. Maybe you’re not right now (after all you’re enjoying my website), but maybe you were earlier today, or yesterday, or last week. 760 more words

Food For Thought

My McDonald's vision

You have gotten to know Fourchette&Knife in the past years as a platform for tasty recipes, delightful pictures and useful cuisine tips, yet I want to give you some food for thought today and share my McDonald’s vision with you. 643 more words



Here’s a quick one for all your musers out there. 

Yesterday I read an article that said that the typical modern person very much shies away from being introspective and from taking moments to ruminate around his or her thoughts. 419 more words

Pieces Of Me

The taboo of being too human

The song that pretty much sums it up.

Love doesn’t make the world go around. Pain does. The stuff that makes us inflict so much on each other is actually the only reason we should all believe we are alike. 230 more words

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