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Government reports, "There is no inflation" - Meanwhile, CNBC reports Inflation "aids $15B in Food Fraud"

File this under NTSHMA (nothing to see here move along).

In the longest recession in history, so long that we are actually approaching the next cyclical business cycle recession, the Government and The Federal Reserve… 360 more words


It’s back! That’s right, a food scandal has returned

As you may have heard today, 17.04.14, the Food Standards Agency in the UK has detailed results of an investigation into lamb curries. After testing one-hundred-and-forty-five takeaway lamb curries it was discovered forty-three had been ‘wrongly described’. 495 more words
Gareth Barlow

End of Apple Pie?


My name is Hokuma and I’m addicted to sweets. I love baked goods: apple pies, fruit tarts, pumpkin pies, apple turnovers… the list is long. 634 more words


Food Safety takes Center Stage at the 2014 Food Safety Summit in Baltimore

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This week the Baltimore Convention Center became the mecca of Food Safety. Cambro became fully enthralled in Food Safety discussions and thought-provoking information while attending the… 846 more words

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Detectives Wanted To Combat Food Fraud?

New unconventional fraud and special products with labels such as ‘sustainable’, ‘biological’ or ‘animal-friendly’ requires new advanced analytical methods. Information is required on which factors play a role in the vulnerability of organisations and the food chain for food fraud to combat it mo… 8 more words


Feed a Family of Six a Dinner for Under $10? Yes, Please!

Am I

A) Bible Loving

B) Eco Friendly


C) Baby Crazy

Surprise, but I’m

D) All of the above.


Today I’m going to write about our dinner because it was organic, tasty, and most importantly (right?) cheap. 886 more words