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In a Pickle? Hard Cheese!



Music – “Let’s Spill The Beans” from Radio Broadcasts (1935-1936) by Ray Noble & His All-American Orchestra. Released: 2011… 681 more words


Wednesday Round-Up

Welcome to Wednesday (and October)! Here, your food news for the week:

The Environmental Working Group is known for its easy to use shopping guides. They’ve recently come out with… 233 more words


News: A Taste of Time

This morning, I received an email that an article I had sent off for consideration months ago had finally been published. Finally, I get to write more about the history of food! 40 more words

American Coffee Culture in 1872: So Different from Today?

Since the seventeenth century, Americans have roasted, steamed, and boiled coffee, causing its gradual transformation into our national beverage and a potent patriotic symbol. In his 1872 text, … 1,446 more words


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Emily Contois has written a number of articles about coffee. In honor of National Coffee Day, she published links to several of her articles. This is my favorite of the bunch, but go to her site and take a look at her other posts on the elixir of the gods - coffee.

Soak in Water

  After the pounded dried squash is sifted through the grape vine basket, those particles fine enough to pass through the basket are soaked in water until re-hydrated enough to be pliable to form a cake. 7 more words

Culinary History

The cure for writer's block: molded gelatin salad!

I have been suffering recently with a case of writer’s block. I have several drafts of future posts for Vanalogue in various stages of completion, but have been unable to complete any of them. 979 more words

Only the Finest

  Only the finest of the  particles of the pounded dried squash sift through the grape vine basket into the wood bowl for preparing a dried squash cake. 8 more words

Culinary History