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Christmas Pudding

Hallo! A great deal of steam!  The pudding was out of the copper.  A smell like a washing-day!  That was the cloth.  A smell like an eating-house and a pastrycook’s next door to each other, with a laundress’s next door to that!   2,160 more words

Regency Period

Heat the Treacle

  A small amount of heat does wonders for treacle (molasses) and the pound of treacle that warmed at the hearth in the redware crock flowed nicely to be mixed with the flour, sugar, ginger and allspice for the receipt (recipe), … 9 more words

Culinary History

Stubborn Butter

   In a log cabin  that had been without a hearth fire until I arrived for a program, even with the inverted copper saucepan in the hearth next to the burning fire, the butter required much time to just soften.  43 more words

Culinary History

How to ruin any food: Yule log cake (bûche de Noël)

Tonight we’re going to ruin an iconic holiday treat, the yule log cake, or as it is technically known as, the bûche de Noël.

While everyone can like this desert, it takes a bit of work to ruin it to the point no one likes it takes some work. 635 more words


Warm Butter and Treacle

 Prior to adding the butter and treacle (molasses) to the flour, sugar, ginger, and allspice for the receipt (recipe), Thick Gingerbread, both ingredients were warmed by the fire. 24 more words

Culinary History

Sauce: The Cultural History of McDonald's 'Dim Jack'

This article explains the cultural history of sauce, with McDonald’s Dim Jack as the starting point. 

Following the rotten meat scandal in July, McDonald’s launched several major marketing campaigns, trying to recoup the lost confidence. 640 more words

Cultural Review

Sugar, Ginger and Allspice

  For the 19th century receipt (recipe) for Thick Gingerbread, the flour is put into a bowl with the sugar, ginger, and allspice and mixed together.  28 more words

Culinary History