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A Puzzle About Tacos

The political writer Kevin Drum went off his beat last week. Using the New York Times new tool for counting the mentions of a word in their archives, … 202 more words

Contemporary Food Culture

Food History 1: PB&J!

I’m back!!! I’m sorry I was gone so long! It feels like forever since my last blog, I just got so busy with summer but school is back in and so am I! 458 more words

A Phenomenal Manuscript!

In June 2014, Tara O’Brien, Director of Conservation and Preservation at the Historical Society of Pennsylvania, planned a manuscript research day for the volunteer foodways staff at Pennsbury Manor which I coordinate.  75 more words

Culinary History

To make a Cream-taert

   To make a Cream-taert is from Peter Rose’s translation of the Dutch receipts (recipes) in her book The Sensible Cook: Dutch Foodways in the Old and New World… 77 more words

Culinary History

To make a Chopped Hash

 For the receipt (recipe), To make a chopped Hash,  added to the chopped, cooked veal are slices of Lemons, Pepper, and Nutmeg, Mutton-broth, Verjuice, and some Butter… 17 more words

Culinary History

In the Spider

The chopped veal was cooked in the spider for the receipt (recipe) To make a chopped Hash, prior to being combined with the other ingredients. 7 more words

Culinary History

Chopped Hash

  For the Dutch receipt (recipe), To make a chopped Hash, the first step is to take Veal and chop it into small pieces.  A rocker knife is being used to chop the veal. 9 more words

Culinary History