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Beyond Apple Pie: Apple Cider

This week we are highlighting a tree that is not growing in our Victory Garden—yet. Every Thursday in September we are exploring one of four key maritime regions with connections to the War of 1812 at FOOD in the garden at the National Museum of American History: the Long Island Sound, the Chesapeake Bay, the Great Lakes, and New Orleans. 549 more words

Garden History

In Fayre Water

  For the receipt (recipe), To pickle pursland, the prepared stalks of the purslane are boyled in a kettle of fayre water without any salt… 18 more words

Culinary History

Pico de gallo

Hoy he decidido hablar un poco sobre este plato tan maravilloso, que se caracteriza por ese gusto picante, acido y diferente. Sabe muy muy bien y acompana muy bien a muchas cosas si se tiene imaginacion. 167 more words

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The Science of Sushi

The Science of Sushi
Featuring Dr. Ole Mouritsen and Morihiro Onodera
April 23, 2014

To kick off our 2014 public lecture series, Dr. Ole Mouritsen… 296 more words


Gather Ye Pursland

  The receipt (recipe) found in the 17th century Custis family manuscript for To Pickle Pursland starts with  Gather ye pursland when it stalkie & will snap whn you break it… 20 more words

Culinary History

Portulaca Oleracea

  Nicholas Culpepper, a 17th century physician, describes Garden Purslain (being used as a salad herb) as so well known that it needs no description… 95 more words

Culinary History

Maria Parloa's Peach Pie

A 19th century recipe for peach pie caught my attention the other day, not just because I love peaches but because it called for whole unpitted peaches.  904 more words

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