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Nurturing & Nutrition at the Squirrel Hill Community Food Pantry

On Sunday, JF&CS’s Squirrel Hill Community Food Pantry (SHCFP) revealed our dazzling new Tribute Wall, created by internationally known local artist James Simon. The Tribute Wall recognizes the donors who have helped SHCFP fulfill its mission through their generous financial support and aims to nurture hope in the hearts of those who rely on us for assistance. 516 more words

Food Pantry

Celebrity needed: Another awful African story South Sudan

The declaration of another Famine is imminent. In the absence of local media able to witness the circumstances it is incumbent on Western media to report the story. 33 more words


Foreign competition poses new challenges for fish farmers

Story written by Alex Gentile.

COLUMBIA — Trout and other fish are leaving Missouri’s fish farms for dinner plates, but foreign competition and domestic regulations may pose a challenge to some local farmers. 732 more words


City programs help aleviate food desert problems, encourage urban gardening

Story written by Katelyn Bartels.

COLUMBIA — As many as 13,000 people a month come to Columbia’s Central Pantry, walking in empty-handed and leaving with a bag of staples and fresh produce. 791 more words


Residents find long-term value in home gardening

Story written by Aimee Hagnauer.

COLUMBIA — A Dey in the garden is a labor of love.

Husband and wife Marion and Alberta Dey have been gardening in the same backyard for 40 years. 991 more words


Despite dedicated volunteers, food needs persist throughout the region

Story written by Kennedy Huff.

COLUMBIA — At 8 a.m. every weekday, World War II veteran Marion Ballard sits at a table at a Columbia food bank scooping multigrain cereal into plastic bags. 505 more words



Kennedy Huff, Jack Hummel, Ian Nickens and Jayla Woodard report on the state of food in Missouri.

The segments of the newscast include: 12 more words