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Feeding the hungry isn't about charity — it’s about community.

It’s a common myth that the poor and hungry are lazy, only using the system, expecting hand-outs while doing next-to-nothing. Who wants to support (or enable) “these people” with their own hard-earned money? 170 more words

Food Bank

Poverty and Food Insecurity Infographic

In mid-December 2014, the U.S. Census Bureau released its latest official estimates of social and economic indicators for every geographic region for the calendar year 2013. 388 more words

The World at the End of the World

You grab a few reusable shopping bags, leave early, wait in line with your head down, take a number, wait some more avoiding eye contact, smile when the volunteer hands you a bag of white rice, fill up your bags with cans of chick peas, dried lentils and expired… 481 more words

Cat Aver

Where Potatoes Go to Die

I have a graveyard in my house. It’s in my kitchen on top of the microwave. That’s where potatoes go to die.

Their bakeable skin gradually wrinkles and soon sprouts. 190 more words


"What we have in this country is a complain-ocracy.... we are not consumers of democracy, we are its proprietors, and we need to behave as such."

Raj Patel in his presentation at the COA, “The Real Price of Food”

I recently watched Raj Patel’s presentation at the College of the Atlantic. 185 more words

Week 2 in Review

So far it’s been an especially frigid January here in Toronto, and I just wanted to take a moment to acknowledge the three men who passed away due to insufficient affordable housing. 533 more words


"Yesterday Sucked and other Wah-wah's" - a rant by a sarcastic cynic

So, this is the other side of my life. While I may post a lot about eating vegetables and being at peace with oneself, blah blah blah, there are days that are not so bubbly and cute. 1,524 more words