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Why LOW FAT is actually worse: Muesli compared

I went looking for muesli this weekend whilst shopping. I am a label reader at the best of times, because I know how much hidden rubbish is in food, specially sugar and salt, and I haven’t got used to all the brands here yet. 314 more words


What's Considered "Good" Nutrition?: A Note on Nutrition

Note: This series of posts is a compilation of the things I am learning in my Dietetics and Nutrition courses at college. These aren’t necessarily fitness related, they’re just subjects that I think are important for pretty much anyone to know. 586 more words


Food Fallacy: Product Packaging Discernment

“Buyer Beware” can be a very important motto when making large purchases such as a house or car, but what about when you’re buying a food item that cost just a few dollars? 873 more words

Nutrition Tidbits

So I have read and heard the following ‘tidbits’ and thought I would share with you all.

In reading on MindBodyGreen’s blog post by Jennifer Cohen on 9/15/14 titled  ’10 Tips to Becoming Your Fittest Self’ she reports the following: 220 more words


The Confusing Food Label

Here is an honest, straight-forward article on the confusing world of terms on  food labels-some have some merit, others don’t.