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Let's Shop Wisely ...

It is important that while shopping, one needs to really know about the product being bought. There is an ever increasing trend to go to a mall and fill the shopping cart with loads of processed food with shiny and colourful packaging without giving a moment’s thought to what ingredients are used, what is the expiry date, what is the price of the product. 307 more words

Healthy Habits

Energy Drink of the Month -- December 2014

I am writing this in a car. Seriously. Remember when you were a kid and December meant a few weeks off school? Then you get a job and December means all your weekends are booked. 718 more words

Consumer Awareness

In GMO labeling fight, all eyes on Vermont

by Peter Moskowitz,  AlJazeera

Food activists and the industry are looking to a court case between Vermont and a major food distribution association as a bellwether for genetically modified foods. 118 more words


Misleading Label of the Month from AWA.

No Hormones Added (pork and poultry)

A highly misleading label claim, because hormones are actually prohibited in raising hogs or poultry. Yet many companies use this label claim to make it appear their products are different from others or that the company is making a special concession to animal welfare. 46 more words