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Decoding Labels: "Ingredients" to Avoid!

I am a very meticulous grocery shopper. I will spend 10 minutes in the same spot, looking at all the different choices and reading every label very carefully. 247 more words

How in the world do you make yogurt??

That is the question I’ve gotten asked a lot whenever people find out that we make our own yogurt.  I don’t even know how I began doing this, but since I’ve begun making my own yogurt I have learned several things: 864 more words

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5 Most Confusing Health Halo Food Terms

I frequently meet my clients at their local supermarkets so we can walk the aisles together. Most find it incredibly eye-opening: sometimes what they think they know about which products to select or… 1,083 more words

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Unhealthy habits lead to allergies, other health risks

Story written by Aimee Hagnauer.

COLUMBIA — What you are eating might be eating you.

A rich, fat-filled diet can lead to health problems, but the relationship between diet and health goes deeper. 427 more words

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