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Sodium and Sugar Intake- How Much is Too Much?

What is the amount of salt and sugar I should limit my child to each day?

This was a question posed to me at a recent nutrition discussion with a group of parents. 233 more words


Why you need to read the labels?!

I was previously a fan of this Moroccan Spiced Butternut & Couscous Salad from M&S. I thought I was being so healthy but turns out it’s not that healthy at all. 102 more words

6 food labels that don't mean what you think they do

Nowadays, it seems like every food label is designed to make you think its contents are healthy (or at least not all that bad). And while a new Harris Interactive survey shows that the majority of Americans say they find those labels helpful in making healthy food choices, some of them mean diddly squat. 454 more words

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Lose the Label.

In an effort to be conscientious consumers, we carefully read nutrition labels to determine the quality of a food product. But how are we supposed to interpret those confusing labels? 422 more words

Food Labels

2014: The Year of the Label

What’s in a name? Or, more appropriately for food manufacturers, what’s on a label? In 2014, this question will be analyzed from angles we’ve yet to imagine.  666 more words