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Pärlans Hallonkola/ Raspberry Fudge

Last year Martin made a sensational home made raspberry fudge.

He told me that this fudge used to be sold in a confectionary in Uppsala/Stockholm in the 70´s, called Pärlan. 255 more words


I am a foodie.

I am officially a foodie.

Wikipedia tells us- “A foodie is a gourmet, or a person who has an ardent or refined interest in food and alcoholic beverages.  32 more words


Some cooking and some friends.

Late yesterday evening when I got home from work, Martin and Daniel was cooking some food in the kitchen at the academy. Strolled over and took some photos. 89 more words


Sushi, for all it´s worth - imageseries

A couple of days ago Martin, Elina and Daniel made sushi, without recipes. This is the result. For Sushi recipes, just google sushi.


Canon 5D Mark iii, 50 mm Sigma Art lens… 14 more words


The instagram page of a chef.

I usually don´t give much tips about other peoples instagram pages, or blogs either, more than the ones I really love. The tip I am now about to give you is a personal favorite, … 380 more words


A pasta made in kitchen-heaven - with salmon and fennel sauce

Last week Martin created a masterpiece when cooking. I felt like it came from kitchen heaven. You know that feeling right? Sometimes you just love something. 158 more words


How to make chiliflakes

This week has been a lot about food. Martin has made Kimchi, these chiliflakes, pasta with salmon in fennel-saus, mashed potatoes with cod in egg saus and baked sourdough bread. 132 more words