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Cholesterol Food List - Bad Cholesterol Rich Food List Revealed to Help You Prevent Heart Disease

Food items are wholly responsible for increasing and decreasing the level of cholesterol. Thus, it becomes all the more necessary to control our eating habits to maintain a… 380 more words

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Guinea Pig Food List

I will be mum to two female baby guinea pigs by next week, and I’m pretty psyched up (and nervous)! As part of my preparations, I researched for nearly two weeks about their needs, and a big chunk of my time was taken by searching about their food. 209 more words

Getting Started: What Can I Eat?

The main point of eating paleo is to eat only natural, whole foods that have not been processed or genetically modified in any way.  Paleo also cuts out foods that can cause allergies and other similar issues, even though they are a whole food.  741 more words

Paleo Nutrition - List of Food

What Is Paleo /How Does Paleo Work /

Here you will find a list of Do’s & Don’ts for eating strict Paleo. How closely you follow these guidelines depends entirely on your personal goals. 1,106 more words


Daniel Fast food list

Here is a standard food list for the 21 day Daniel Fast. Please note that whether to include or exclude items is up to the individual and what God has placed in his/her heart to do. 220 more words

About The Daniel Fast

Dear Diary

The real purpose of this blog is journaling. I’m doing this instead of writing down everything I eat or keeping track of points. Penning a post each day will keep me accountable and provides a record of my foods and feelings. 120 more words

Getting Started

The Yumness Food and Drink Bucket List: Top 100

Have you ever heard yourself saying, “I want to try that,” or, “If I ever get there, I want to eat that.” Well, if you haven’t, you’re either a liar or someone I don’t really want to hang out with. 611 more words