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Of the '1,000 Foods to Eat Before You Die,' these ones can be found in Minnesota

Head to Minneapolis for the best lobster and kielbasa; St. Paul for Afghan food and ice cream soda; and Bloomington for Scandinavian pancakes.

Those are among the recommendations made by eminent restaurant critic and culinary expert Mimi Sheraton, whose new book lists the best places in the United States to find the “1,000 Foods to Eat Before You Die.” 270 more words


Easy as pie? Minneapolis chef leads U.S. to bronze in world pastry competition

The head chef and co-owner of a Minneapolis bakery captained the U.S. team that earned the bronze medal at a pastry-making competition that’s been described as the Olympics of the food world. 218 more words


I'm sorry, what? Ex-aide claims President Obama 'hates fried walleye'


President Obama, a man chosen twice as commander-in-chief by the majority of Minnesota voters, hates fried walleye.

The Chicago Tribune has reported on a memoir from Reggie Love, a former presidential aide, in which he describes offering the president a dish of fried walleye when they were in Iowa, but “never lived it down.” 110 more words


Canada Is Cutting Sugar From Its Coca-Cola

Courtesy Coca-Cola

Looks like Canada’s Coca-Cola is going on a diet — eh? 211 more words