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Loaded Sweet Potato

Here is a suggestion for your Thanksgiving menu.  Try a whole candied stuffed sweet potato with  mini marshmallows.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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Why are my images in different formats?

So… I’ve covered your event and have lots of wonderful images in my camera. It will take a day or two for me to email you some images for you to use on Facebook or Instagram. 526 more words

Event Photographer

Winter Can Wait

Today was a great day to shoot outside on the front porch.  Tomato Bisque.


Pre- Photshoot conferences

I always like to meet with my clients some days before a photoshoot. Not every photographer will offer an in person conference, but there are lots of reasons why I do. 417 more words

Beautiful Food

When you get together with other food photographer, whether its for a workshop or a discussion, the topic of Ugly Food always comes up. “What do you hate to shoot?” It can be soup, potted meat, or curry. 154 more words


Sometimes I have a brilliant blog post in mind. Other times I just shoot something gorgeous and think, I’ll make a blog post out of this…it’ll be brilliant…I’ll think of it later. 35 more words


A yukata works as a small tablecloth when it starts to get too cold.