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Dark Chocolate Truffles

Chocolate is sorta my thing. And I’ve recently discovered I don’t hate dark chocolate, which is great because….more chocolate to love! As most kids do, I preferred milk chocolate growing up, and it stuck with me for quite a while. 559 more words

New Thanksgiving

Working on a new foods for a new Thanksgiving – Mushroom Beggars Purse


Ginger cake, again!

If I could be a flavour I think I’d be something warm and soothing like ginger. Or cinnamon. Those flavours are just so satisfying. A vivid memory of mine is going to grandma and granddad’s house on the weekend when I was little and having sticky ginger cake with sweet custard. 125 more words

Food Photography

Red Coconut Curry

Sometimes I get the cilantro and lime just right


Flash back Friday...

I’ve been reminiscing a little today.

I have been thinking about Christmas a lot. It’s already Christmas timeĀ at work (just waiting for the music to come on) and I am surrounded by Christmas ticketing, advertising and a load of Christmas gifts. 203 more words

Food Photography

Steak: It's What I'm Shooting

I haven’t had a good raw meat picture up here in a while, but I just finished up my work on this fine looking USDA prime bone-in tenderloin today and it is definitely worth sharing.