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Cruelty In Food Pics

For my first post, I’d like to talk about people (non veg’ people) who post on Facebook or on other social networks, photos about their food. 360 more words

WIAW summer edition 2014 #eatfitpaleo

What I’ve been eating…
A sneak preview into my current diet and how it has transformed over the last few months.

Stay tuned for a (few) coming blog post(s) on healthy weight gain & how ALL woman can gain weight if they want to. 75 more words

Sweet Tooth

Day 25 - It's the little things

I went to the doctor’s a day early today, so Thursday instead of Friday, and lucky I did. Baskin was giving away free ice cream samples. 12 more words

JD vs Lady La: Who Has The Best Food Pictures

Instagram has become well known for being a place to post pictures of what you are eating for the day. If any of you follow… 288 more words


Meals this week

I got a late start on my meal prep for the week due to a massive traffic jam coming home from MI on Sunday. It’s usually a 4 hour drive… It took us (drum roll please) … 119 more words

Food Pictures

4th of July weekend getaway!

Hello everyone, hope you had a fabulous long Independence Day weekend! I leaned how to drive a pontoon boat and got to look at this amazing view for 3 days 😊 … 52 more words

Food Pictures